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This page covers useful information on the tropical climate, weather and the geographical location of Singapore. Some facts and statistics are included.

Singapore Weather

Like most of Southeast Asia, Singapore is generally hot and humid. It's warm and humid year round, with the temperature almost never dropping below 20°C (68°F), even at night, and usually climbing to 30°C (86°F) during the day. Recent times, it even reached till 35°C.  Humidity is high, mounting over a 75% mark.

November and December is the rainy season. June-August is considered to be the best time to visit, but even then it rains often. Don't let the climate stop you from going, however. Most buildings are air-conditioned (to the point that you may want to take a sweater), and pains have been taken to make everything as comfortable as can be, all things considered. When it does rain, it's generally only for a short period.

For those who enjoy the sun and the beach, Singapore is an ideal place for beach lovers, as you get the hot hot sun throughout the year. So when you're in Singapore, just bring along your cooling apparels and hats.

Singapore Geography

Singapore's strategic location at the southern tip of the Malaysian peninsula has ensured its importance, which is greater than its size might seem to justify. Singapore consists of the island of Singapore and some 63 islets within its territorial waters. The main island is about 26 mi/42 km from west to east and 14 mi/23 km from north to south. It's a mostly undulating country with low hills (the highest, 540-ft/166-m Bukit Timah Hill, is to the northwest of the city).

Singapore's Central Business District actually spreads across both the central and southern parts of the island (you'll know when you're there - it boasts striking high-rise structures). You can get a good visual orientation to the city as you cross the Benjamin Sheares Bridge on the East Coast Parkway, which links the airport to the city center. The Singapore cityscape looks magnificent, particularly at night when buildings are brilliantly lit. Offshore, there appears to be another city all lit up because of the many ships anchored there - Singapore is one of the busiest seaports in the world.

Many of the city's attractions are clustered closely together. Orchard Road, the shoppers' haven, is located in the northern part of the city center. Chinatown, where you'll find Boat Quay, is just to the southeast of Orchard Road, while Little India is northeast. Sentosa Island, with its many amusements, is directly to the southwest of the city center. These frequently visited neighborhoods, as well as more suburban areas, remain a bustling hive of pedestrian activity well into the evening.

Singapore Map

Location: Southeastern Asia, islands between Malaysia and Indonesia

Geographic coordinates: 1 22 N, 103 48 E

Area: total: 647.5 sq km

Land: 637.5 sq km

Water: 10 sq km

Land boundaries: 0 km

Coastline: 193 km

Elevation extremes:

Lowest point: Singapore Strait 0 m

Highest point: Bukit Timah 166 m

Terrain: lowland (undulating central plateau with water catchment area and nature preserve)

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Re: LTVP for de facto partnes - complicated!

Hi all, just let you know that we received approvation for EP and LTVP :-)
We added last minute a declaration notarised by a notary public here in Australia.

Hopefully this thread will be helpful to someone else in the same situation!

Re: PR application rejected

Jessy Lixuan:
Relieved to hear that, cause the cover letter is the last thing I would like to submit.

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Re: EP pending approval


:mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Re: EP pending approval

I wouldn't have too many reputation points with my Barnyard English then. :-(

Re: Sole Proprietor or ? - Advice Sought

"Have you read the other multiple threads.." Will do
"Have you got cash to put into the business? Yes
Do you have expertise in this business? Yes
Do you have demonstrable contracts/customers lined up?" No / Maybe

"What is your status once your EP expires? "
My Employer will issue a 30-day Short Term Visit Pass (STVP).

"continuing your relationship with your previous employer ...".
Good point. Thanks.

Re: Applying for Citizenship - eSC vs In-person at ICA?

Application PR/ Citizenship increase significantly perhaps. too many factor will cause the application date from 9 to 12 or 12-18 Months waiting period.

Re: Great helper recommendation


I do agree on your post, but like about 10 + years ago, quite a few employers openly allowed their maids to freelance and insisted it was perfectly ok, as they couldn't pay the salary and it is ok to allow the maids to make some money instead of going back.

Thanks to MOM's stepped up enforcement and education, the message has been very clear, and now a few maids who try freelancing do admit they know they are breaking the law.

And the entrance test for maids has definitely made a big difference there.

Re: EP pending approval


I think your reading comprehension is lacking, Ecureilx. And not infrequently.

Gee, thanks for the compliment, I needed if pretty badly. Vs a wise gentlemen (i.e. you) who can really nitpick each and every word in a forum post, and micro analyse it to the last letter.

And I need a chill pill, and reminder to self that this is a public forum, and not an ongoing job interview !!!! Or rather, remind myself, to behave, lest I be terminated from this forum.

And, My Lord, you are perfectly right, or perfecto, or correcto (whatever rocks your boat ... )

I agree, My English is extremely substandard and my comprehension of English is horrible/terrible/miserable, vs Yours of extremely high standards.

Are you an English teacher by any chance ?

Maybe the mods should introduce "REPUTATION" points, a-la other forums, for the standard of English, points for likes received etc ;) So my posts become worthless.



I did not suggest otherwise.

I don't think I was particularly oblique or acrobatic, but thank you. ;)

To review:

(a) Read the f**king instructions ICA provides.
(b) If you cannot follow ICA's (simple) instructions, if you want anything other than a PR rejection you better have a damn good reason why you didn't, including a damn good reason why you're applying early.

Is that oblique enough? :D

Re: Great helper recommendation

Actually the vast majority ARE aware of it, but choose to ignore it for the lure of a couple of bucks. All are made aware of it be the agents when they sign the contracts and the agents DO inform them as the agents can be held liable if they don't explain the contracts with them and with the government. As for the part time employers, ignorance is no excuse and it's been in the various media quite often over the past several years so there is just no excuse.

Re: EP pending approval


I think your reading comprehension is lacking, Ecureilx. And not infrequently.

I do, or at least I consider that a risk of sufficient probability to merit a comment.

Not if you're applying for a position where the recipient of your CV is reasonably proficient in standard British, American, or international English. If you're applying for a position where the recipient of your CV is OK with "reputed" as meaning "reputable" (at best, not its most common dictionary meaning) and is impressed (or at least not put off) by your inclusion of "a reputed/reputable university" in your CV, go for it.

But if I get "reputed university" in a CV it's going in the trash. Take my advice as you wish if you wish.

Re: Low PSLE results , Any suggestion for Lower Secondary School?

The Primary Schools have out a book for Primary 6 kids. It lists all the schools, their entry mark levels, their ECA etc. Review that and see if you can apply for a transfer. However I would not despair, neighborhood schools have improved a lot since the MOE started transferring better teachers/leaders into them. The main issue with them is that there are no 'elite' kids there to socialize with and sometimes their ECA's choices are a bit limited.

Re: can i married while my singapore citizenship application is being processed

I guess you're question is really;

1. If I marry X from the country of Y does that effect the Z probability of my SC approval?

2. Does have married X from country of Y mean that person of gender A can then apply for PR or SC?

Re: EP pending approval

I'm quite aware of all that, Ecureilx. But that's not helpful or new information to Mohd119 and others in similar positions. In fact, one way to start to solve that gigantic problem is for individuals like Mohd119 to communicate more clearly and truthfully, in standard American/British/international English, what their actual credentials are (and are not). Otherwise everybody loses -- except, perhaps, the fraudsters running dodgy degree mills.

Prospective employers (and visa granting agencies) are not, as a rule, stupid. They know what's going on in India and the rampant academic fraud. If Mohd119 (and others) are going to have any hope for a better future they'll need to become better informed about what actual academic quality is, how to communicate it clearly and truthfully, and how to avoid falling victim to academic fraudsters. Maybe I'm more optimistic than you are, but I also had all these ideas in mind when providing this advice.

Or, if you prefer a less gentile approach for whatever reason, I'm informing Mohd119 of the harsh reality that anybody with reasonable English proficiency (most employers, for example) would throw "reputed university" CVs in the trash. At least I would.

....I think you don't know what the word "reputed" means either. Go on, check the dictionary. I'll wait. ;) In Indian English perhaps it means something else, but it has only one meaning in standard American and British English.

Two problems I see:

1) You expect a forum member to reveal intimate details in an anonymous forum
2) You assume he's gonna put "reputed university" in his applications.

Good Lord, I give up.

PS, If I maybe allowed to quote this again, considering the volume of English speakers in India, there is more than one way to categorise English: 1) British (the original) 2) American (the not so original) and 3) Indian (better than the original)

Quote- from a conversation with an Indian call center, where the agent said "INDIANS SPEAK THE CORRECT ENGLISH, After all, there's too many of them speaking in one style, vs the rest of the world, in terms of volume" Try disputing that.

Rampant academic fraud ? oh no, what's your beef against Indians ? :P :P (double Pun intended)




I know a guy, who joined a semi-government agency. His HR asked him to apply for PR after 6 months, and the guy was like 'I am not able to fulfil the requirements ... ' and nearly started to argue with his HR. Ah, well, what does the HR folks know, vs the ICA folks black and white requirements.

His HR sort of told him to just apply, and indirectly hinted his pass may not be renewed if he didn't even apply, and guess what, he got his PR 1 year or so later.

And he wasn't the flavor of the month/year, in terms of ethnicity.

Likewise, a Indonesian colleague in my previous work place, applied with 1 years NOA. He too got it. While all his colleagues were against him applying, including a Malaysian who insisted that it will be 100% rejection, if he applied so soon.

My point it, don't get your hopes high if you don't meet all the requirements.

On the other hand, nearly a dozen + friends and colleagues from Sub Con and PH were summarily rejected, even after attaching 3 NOA and more than enough 'good words' from community etc.

Yes, My Lord. We shall follow every word, to the letter :D :D