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This page covers useful information on the tropical climate, weather and the geographical location of Singapore. Some facts and statistics are included.

Singapore Weather

Like most of Southeast Asia, Singapore is generally hot and humid. It's warm and humid year round, with the temperature almost never dropping below 20°C (68°F), even at night, and usually climbing to 30°C (86°F) during the day. Recent times, it even reached till 35°C.  Humidity is high, mounting over a 75% mark.

November and December is the rainy season. June-August is considered to be the best time to visit, but even then it rains often. Don't let the climate stop you from going, however. Most buildings are air-conditioned (to the point that you may want to take a sweater), and pains have been taken to make everything as comfortable as can be, all things considered. When it does rain, it's generally only for a short period.

For those who enjoy the sun and the beach, Singapore is an ideal place for beach lovers, as you get the hot hot sun throughout the year. So when you're in Singapore, just bring along your cooling apparels and hats.

Singapore Geography

Singapore's strategic location at the southern tip of the Malaysian peninsula has ensured its importance, which is greater than its size might seem to justify. Singapore consists of the island of Singapore and some 63 islets within its territorial waters. The main island is about 26 mi/42 km from west to east and 14 mi/23 km from north to south. It's a mostly undulating country with low hills (the highest, 540-ft/166-m Bukit Timah Hill, is to the northwest of the city).

Singapore's Central Business District actually spreads across both the central and southern parts of the island (you'll know when you're there - it boasts striking high-rise structures). You can get a good visual orientation to the city as you cross the Benjamin Sheares Bridge on the East Coast Parkway, which links the airport to the city center. The Singapore cityscape looks magnificent, particularly at night when buildings are brilliantly lit. Offshore, there appears to be another city all lit up because of the many ships anchored there - Singapore is one of the busiest seaports in the world.

Many of the city's attractions are clustered closely together. Orchard Road, the shoppers' haven, is located in the northern part of the city center. Chinatown, where you'll find Boat Quay, is just to the southeast of Orchard Road, while Little India is northeast. Sentosa Island, with its many amusements, is directly to the southwest of the city center. These frequently visited neighborhoods, as well as more suburban areas, remain a bustling hive of pedestrian activity well into the evening.

Singapore Map

Location: Southeastern Asia, islands between Malaysia and Indonesia

Geographic coordinates: 1 22 N, 103 48 E

Area: total: 647.5 sq km

Land: 637.5 sq km

Water: 10 sq km

Land boundaries: 0 km

Coastline: 193 km

Elevation extremes:

Lowest point: Singapore Strait 0 m

Highest point: Bukit Timah 166 m

Terrain: lowland (undulating central plateau with water catchment area and nature preserve)

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Re: PR rejected, need some perspective

singaporeflyer: ... f-2016.pdf

Page 26 has the answer.

Re: Plastic Surgery Korea, BK clinic

Hi, I am posting a comment on BK due to their terrible bedside manners/ customer service experience. Korean hospitals and doctors are notorious for being unfriendly. But BK takes rudeness to another level. Let me preface this by stating that I am Korean and Korean is my first language, which is to say that there was no cultural bias or misunderstanding. I've had a simple procedure there, but had some questions for the doctor (one of the two chief surgeons who run the entire BK enterprise). After all, aren't we all concerned about side effects and appropriate expectation levels after the surgery? I politely asked a valid medical question (after extensive academic research), and the doctor admonished me for "questioning him".

What's worse is that when I later returned for a follow up visit and asked for a copy of my medical records, 1) the nurse flat out declined to show me MY own medical records, which I have full legal rights to view and obtain;
2) when I persisted and demanded it, and finally took a look at it, it stated, "difficult patient who made Dr. X angry, and the atmosphere was in one word: chill." -- Now, I am someone who works in the medical field here, and this "side note" was absolutely unprofessional, out of context (she did NOT even document what happened), unsigned (all medical notes must be signed to state who had written it), and blatantly immature.

Let it be known that at the end, they flat out refused to make any copies of MY own medical records for me, and the doctor/or anybody in the hospital offered a single apology or explanation. I did not make any scenes. I simply felt: humiliated. And went to another hospital for follow-ups.

If you are to undergo any type of surgery at BK Hospital (in Korea or elsewhere), you should know that their follow-up or medical assistance to you will be minimal, or zero. There are literally hundreds of Korean plastic surgery hospitals. Be smart, shop around before deciding your doctor. Because BK IS NOT WORTH IT.

I know for a fact that the chief doctor I stated above is responsible for all international and domestic activities, and that he travels extensively. It is his brand, and all other doctors are "temporary" and none of them stay for long. That alone should tell you something about the overarching culture there. Hope this helps.

Re: PR rejected, need some perspective

Hi all,
Would like to know whether anyone out there granted their PR at age 32? I been rejected twice and try to apply next year.

Re: Unceremoniously booted out of SingTel

I just received the letter from SingTel informing that they will terminate my 1 Mbps 50 GB dual sim mobile broadband which I have used for more than 10 years! They offered me an "exclusive" deal which costs $150 to replace my current $12 plan. Do I have any contractual rights to refuse Singtel unilateral termination notice?

Re: Whacked with MediShield Life Premium

Wd40 it's easy to stop the Medishield life premiums. Leave Singapore, give up PR and withdraw all your CPF. However, in order to stop US Taxation of it Citizens/Green Card holders worldwide you have to either give up your citizenship/Green Card or die!

Re: Scam - apartment deposit

Hi, I recently left Singapore and I'm currently going through a battle with a property agent for getting my deposit back.

I stayed in the apartment for 3 years; I completed a 2-year contract + reniewed the contract with an expat clause which I could exit the contract after 6 months from the comencing date (+3 months notice) in case of leaving the country.

On the handover day, the agent mentioned that the place would require another professional cleaning. I had a maid cleaned the place, but it seemed it was not up to the standard. Fine.

I waited, waited and waited..after my several emails, the agent finally came back to me, which was 2 months after the handover. In the contract, I was supposed to receive my deposit back within 14 days, by the way.

The agent came back to me with a full list of reduction including the professional cleaning and repair costs of more than SGD 3K.. It's a scam!! I thought I kept the place tidy and clean so I was really shocked to see that. The agent claimed that there were some stains on the marble floor and wooden floor so they arranged to polish the floor too. I don't record any major stains on the floor and we didn't go through the issues during the handover.

In addition, I was charged for the agent commission of nearly SGD 5K despite the expat clause..

I don't think all the agents are playing a game like this but if you are a foreigner and leaving the country, they may take advantage of you. So please be alert and protect yourself. Select a good trusted agent. (By the way, the agent I used was Orange Tee. Not recommended.

Not happy with agent, write in to CEA at

Re: xiaomi notebook air

Unfortunately no experience. Any idea if there is a shop here where you can have a look at the notebook first?

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Horrible Condo Security Guards

Hey guys,

I've been living in this condo for a while (almost a decade) and it was great. The condo is the infamous Kimsia Court in the Orchard area. Despite it's flaws (rampant escorts, old, etc), I enjoyed calling this place home. While I loved the space and the proximity to pretty much everything, I noticed that in the past few months they have perhaps changed managements. They recently start to impose "new laws" such as:

1. No sort of servicing allowed on Sundays (I work Saturdays - it's hard to schedule these routine services).
2. No guest parking after midnight. The security guards threatened to charge my friend $100 an hour if he leaves his car parked past midnight.
3. Threatened my roommate to seize his keys because they are copied (which has never been a problem. Do you think the sex workers have the real copy???).
4. One time when I left my keys I kindly asked the security guards to help me open up the gate and they went on a 5 minute rant, screaming at me that they are not meant to "open doors". I am a law-abiding, tenant who have never caused anything wrong in this apartment. It's very disrespectful.

I feel like they have made my stay in this apartment from great to horrible within the span of a year. Aside from the ill-mannered security guards, there have been few instances where the whole building's electricity went off - or some electrical issues in my units. I'm already looking at other places to stay but I'm just wondering if there is someplace I can file a complaint to for this matter? I tried calling and emailing the management and they never reply (or "tai-chi'd" my calls to people who barely speak English). I'm looking for last resort here to see if there is something I can do to make me feel comfortable being at my own home again.


Re: Whacked with MediShield Life Premium

Well, how long can you remain overseas and keep your PR? It's a matter of time you are going to lose it.

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22F new in SG! Would love to make new friends!

Hi there! :D

My name is Rachel, I recently moved to Singapore and would like to meet new friends!
I have lived in Malaysia, Thailand and Germany, and now in Singapore!
If you feel like having a beer or going on an outing, feel free to pm me :)

Mummy meet ups in Novena

Hi everyone,

I'm currently a SAHM with my daughter who's 7 months old and we live in the Novena area.

I have a playgroup we attend sometimes and some mummy friends but I'd love to grow my network in the area where we live for local get togethers.

What I have in mind to start is something like Starbucks Tuesdays where we just find a regular time to meet up once a week at a local coffee place (Starbucks United Square?) for a couple of hours and those who want to join do. All completely chilled out and just a way for us SAHMs to get out and talk, vent, sip caffeine after getting up with a baby at 4am etc.

Like I said, my baby is 7 months so I'm looking for mums to be or those with babies / young toddlers - could be fun to mix it up :)

Any interest? Please let me know if you're keen to join and I'll set it up.


Re: Taxi or private car for daily booking

If you know an Uber driver who has access to a commercially licensed vehicle; there's nothing stopping him/her taking a fare without going through Uber (i.e. cash in hand). The legal criteria is that the vehicle has commercial insurance and that the fare is 'pre arranged'.

Re: Whacked with MediShield Life Premium

US citizens on this thread complaining about Medishield premiums? Speak of the pot calling the kettle black in the face of the ridiculous citizenship based taxation that American citizens and GC holders have to comply with.

Hey there! 22F looking to meet new friends!

Hi there! :D

My name is Rachel, I recently moved to Singapore and would like to meet new friends!
I have lived in Malaysia, Thailand and Germany, and now in Singapore!
If you feel like having a beer or going on an outing, feel free to pm me :)

Re: Whacked with MediShield Life Premium

taxico: ... e-premiums

SG citizen living outside SG for >5 years (barring short visits not exceeding 140 days over the five-year period)
+ overseas permanent residency
+ ability to afford healthcare treatment in their country of residence
+ declaration on non-reliance on MediShield Life when they receive medical treatment here in SG
= ML premiums suspension possible

BUT... "Those who eventually decide to return to Singapore or no longer meet the criteria would have to foot the accumulated sum of premiums not paid previously, with compound interest."

does not bode well for SPRs (and dual citizen SCs) living outside singapore...