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Expat Insurance
Expat Insurance is a leading provider of insurance for expatriates and business in Singapore. We specialise in providing professional insurance advice on a complete portfolio of products including: Employer Benefit Programmes, Business Insurance and Medical Insurance, Home Insurance, Travel Insurance and Motor Insurance.

Expat InsuranceExpat Insurance

Insurance for Expats in Singapore

Expat Insurance is an award winning provider of insurance for expatriates and business in Singapore. The company won Expat Living readers award for “ Best Insurance” and was a Winner in British Chamber of Commerce Business Awards. They specialise in providing professional insurance advice on a complete portfolio of products including: Employer Benefit Programmes, Business Insurance and Medical Insurance, Home Insurance, Travel Insurance and Motor Insurance.

As Singapore’s first client-focused insurance service for expats, our goal is to provide insurance coverage tailored to suit individual and corporate needs. Consistent with our own high standards, our advisors recommend only the most reputable international insurance companies known for superior claims handling, broad coverage and value-for-money products. The insurance companies compensate us directly, so the benefit of coverage reviews and advice we offer you is free.

Insurance for Expats in SingaporeMedical Insurance
There are numerous Medical Insurance policies available, but few are suitable for Expats. We provide specialist advice on Medical Insurance for Expats in Singapore. During our consultation process, Expat Insurance will first want to understand your needs and priorities; then advise which Health Insurance plans will provide you and your family with the most comprehensive and affordable Medical Insurance available.

Insurance for Expats in SingaporeHome Insurance
We offer a range of Home Insurance for Expats in Singapore. With prices suitable for every budget, we’ll provide value-for-money Home Insurance tailored to cover your belongings. We can combine your jewelry insurance and contents coverage as well as Personal Liability in one policy. Contact us today for Home Insurance.

Insurance for Expats in SingaporeEmployee Benefits
With the complexities associated with local and international workforce protection and retention, we offer end-to-end Employee Benefits solutions for your business. We ensure insurance requirements are aligned with your HR objectives and provide advice on insurance matters at a strategic and operational level, structure, negotiate, place and manage appropriate insurance policies. We appoint a service team with proven experience and abilities to provide professional, proactive and innovative services and support, and offer claims escalation support to enhance claims arrangements for your employees.

Insurance for Expats in SingaporeTravel Insurance
Expat Insurance offers value-for-money Single Trip Travel Insurance starting from $26. If you’re planning more than three trips a year, Annual Travel Insurance policies offer cost savings covering unlimited trips abroad, leaving you with one less thing to worry about when booking your holidays. Buy your Travel Insurance online now.

Insurance for Expats in SingaporeMotor Insurance
Expat Insurance has partnered with the largest International Motor Insurance Companies in Singapore to bring you the most comprehensive, competitive Motor Insurance products. This often means we are able to save our customers hundreds of dollars compared with their old insurer. Contact us for Motor Insurance today.

Insurance for Expats in SingaporeBusiness Insurance
Running a successful business requires careful planning of your sales and finances. No matter how prepared you may be, the unthinkable may happen: a fire, burglary, outbreak of disease or a customer’s slip and fall.  Without adequate protection, the effect on your business could be crippling. We provide a comprehensive range of Business Insurance to protect your business including: Liability, Fire, Cargo, Travel and Employer Benefits Programmes.

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Re: Breaking a 1 year lease

Oh ok!

Re: Breaking a 1 year lease

Strong Eagle:
Look... before you could enforce the clause you quoted you first need to publish the relevant parts of the lease with respect to "lawful termination"... that is, under what circumstances can you terminate the lease. I bet money that losing your sublet tenants is not one of the covered conditions.

I bet... unless you got a very special Singapore lease agreement... that there are only a couple of very unusual reasons you will be able to terminate. Summary... you are stuck with the lease until lease end you and you better start whacking up on the roomies that are deserting you for more cash.

Re: Breaking a 1 year lease

The flat was sublet with he knowledge and permission. He has all the required details of all those who are staying.
However, what I don't understand is that if one can break the lease iLynne why was the above clause inserted?
Can you suggest a way out?

Re: Breaking a 1 year lease

Hi guys,

I wanted to know how can I break a year long lease. We moved in 3-months ago and I am the only person with the name on the contract as the main tenant. Additionally, the other people's name was on the contract as recognized tenants.

However, it seems that the people who have moved in with me in the house (4 bedroom, 5 people) will be leaving Singapore before the end of the 1 year lease. That would mean that 2 rooms will be vacant for just 3 months and hence finding somebody to occupy the room for such a short period will be near impossible.

Is it then possible for me to break the lease (by giving almost 6 months notice) without being libel for anything? There is a clause in the contract that reads

Since I will be giving the landlord sufficient notice and will be willing to pay the above mentioned cost can I break the lease 3 months early?
Do you have a clause in your contract allowing you to terminate with a notice? I guess not, so the above clause does not apply to you. Besides, it looks like you sub-let the flat. Was it permitted? By the LL? By HDB (if applicable)? If you had a proper sub-letting agreements in place your co-tenants should take responsibility for their early leaving, now it's your problem and the only way you could do it properly is to mediate with the LL what I personally doubt will be any effective. Especially if he didn't know the flat was sub-let in the first place.

Re: looking for clasp.

Strong Eagle:
I cannot guarantee they have what you want but there is a large arts and crafts store in Peoples Park Center... can't remember if it is second or third floor... near the entrance in the google map below., ... 56!6m1!1e1

Re: Minor incident could spark war


If this is read from the viewpoint that this is what the Daesh themselves believe, then it is revealing.
However, most Muslims dispute the selective literal interpretations, and thus take issue with the implications in the article:

Nevertheless, I saw Graeme Wood on Charlie Rose's show the other night, along with Will McCants.
Both seemed to have a good understanding of what is going on.

In fact a review by Susan Grigsby of McCants' book, , states, "If you only have time to read one book about the Islamic State, ... this is the book to read."

Re: Air Con Cleaning Service

Yes, labour costs have increased.
Wasn't there a levy increase last year?

looking for clasp.

leather worker:
Hello all im a recent transplant and I'm looking for supplies. I thought it would be easy to find supplies here but I'm not having much luck. I need to find a store that sells magnetic clasp to make leather bracelets. Also looking for hook and loop clasp, i hook and bayonet clasp. Any one know where i can fins such a store? Ive attached a picture of what I'm looking for.

Thank you for you help!

Re: PR Application Questions

Thanks. PR application has been submitted and nowadays I do get a sense that the government does want to do something for non-citizen spouses and children of citizens. But as you say selection criteria and decision times are sufficiently opaque and on a case by case basis.


Bryan Chan:
Hi all.
So sorry i forget give more details for my application because i am too happy.
I am 33 years old chinese from malaysia.bring along my two young son and my wife apply together. Work in singapore more than 10 year. Education only secondary foon yew high school. Currently now i s pass holder 1 and half year and apply for PR. Consider a skill worker. Now position is logistics manager hold salary with $4000. Pending 6 month after get approved. Hope this information can help those PR applicant .


Agreed, he can be just another of the multitudes who follow this community that help themselves while being never contribute anything meaningful to the anecdotal evidence vaults here that make this site so valuable in the first place. Those kind will make assimilation into Singapore a breeze - just like the true blues who never pay it forward. ;-)


Congratulations Bryan.

(and you don't have to give any more info if you don't want to).

Celebrate and good luck!

blind spot warrior


LTA vs Uber


Re: Pre-holidays Eagles Fly-in?

I'm cool with 18th