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Expat Insurance
Expat Insurance is a leading provider of insurance for expatriates and business in Singapore. We specialise in providing professional insurance advice on a complete portfolio of products including: Employer Benefit Programmes, Business Insurance and Medical Insurance, Home Insurance, Travel Insurance and Motor Insurance.

Expat InsuranceExpat Insurance

Insurance for Expats in Singapore

Expat Insurance is an award winning provider of insurance for expatriates and business in Singapore. The company won Expat Living readers award for “ Best Insurance” and was a Winner in British Chamber of Commerce Business Awards. They specialise in providing professional insurance advice on a complete portfolio of products including: Employer Benefit Programmes, Business Insurance and Medical Insurance, Home Insurance, Travel Insurance and Motor Insurance.

As Singapore’s first client-focused insurance service for expats, our goal is to provide insurance coverage tailored to suit individual and corporate needs. Consistent with our own high standards, our advisors recommend only the most reputable international insurance companies known for superior claims handling, broad coverage and value-for-money products. The insurance companies compensate us directly, so the benefit of coverage reviews and advice we offer you is free.

Insurance for Expats in SingaporeMedical Insurance
There are numerous Medical Insurance policies available, but few are suitable for Expats. We provide specialist advice on Medical Insurance for Expats in Singapore. During our consultation process, Expat Insurance will first want to understand your needs and priorities; then advise which Health Insurance plans will provide you and your family with the most comprehensive and affordable Medical Insurance available.

Insurance for Expats in SingaporeHome Insurance
We offer a range of Home Insurance for Expats in Singapore. With prices suitable for every budget, we’ll provide value-for-money Home Insurance tailored to cover your belongings. We can combine your jewelry insurance and contents coverage as well as Personal Liability in one policy. Contact us today for Home Insurance.

Insurance for Expats in SingaporeEmployee Benefits
With the complexities associated with local and international workforce protection and retention, we offer end-to-end Employee Benefits solutions for your business. We ensure insurance requirements are aligned with your HR objectives and provide advice on insurance matters at a strategic and operational level, structure, negotiate, place and manage appropriate insurance policies. We appoint a service team with proven experience and abilities to provide professional, proactive and innovative services and support, and offer claims escalation support to enhance claims arrangements for your employees.

Insurance for Expats in SingaporeTravel Insurance
Expat Insurance offers value-for-money Single Trip Travel Insurance starting from $26. If you’re planning more than three trips a year, Annual Travel Insurance policies offer cost savings covering unlimited trips abroad, leaving you with one less thing to worry about when booking your holidays. Buy your Travel Insurance online now.

Insurance for Expats in SingaporeMotor Insurance
Expat Insurance has partnered with the largest International Motor Insurance Companies in Singapore to bring you the most comprehensive, competitive Motor Insurance products. This often means we are able to save our customers hundreds of dollars compared with their old insurer. Contact us for Motor Insurance today.

Insurance for Expats in SingaporeBusiness Insurance
Running a successful business requires careful planning of your sales and finances. No matter how prepared you may be, the unthinkable may happen: a fire, burglary, outbreak of disease or a customer’s slip and fall.  Without adequate protection, the effect on your business could be crippling. We provide a comprehensive range of Business Insurance to protect your business including: Liability, Fire, Cargo, Travel and Employer Benefits Programmes.

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Re: Rejected PR, is it a deny of entry/visa/permit?


Everyone is repeating each other! :cool:

Re: indie / alt music bars

Oooops - responded from my wife's account by accident

Re: Rejected PR, is it a deny of entry/visa/permit?

Damn, we got a lot of parrots in here!

Re: indie / alt music bars

Hi JR8 - thanks for responding.

I kind of expected that bands coming through Asia would be few and far between. I've just moved from London so I knew I wouldn't be spoilt for choice like I have been for touring and new bands. Having said that, I went to Laneway last week and was pleasantly surprised by the line up (Chvrches, Battles, Grimes), and especially pleased about the crowd that Metz pulled.

Live bands aside and it might be a long shot but is there a Singaporean equivalent to a 'dive bar' that plays a really good mix of new and old indie / alt music?

Re: Rejected PR, is it a deny of entry/visa/permit?

The application for REP is executed only after PR is approved. Therefore, if you were not approved for PR, then you never actually applied for a REP.

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Re: Quotes

So true. I will take beer over coffee, which not only breaks me out but leaves an after taste in my mouth.

Chinese New Year


my names Jason, From San Diego, CA and here the next 5days, so not really Expat, but could use some company in exploring the new year. PM me if your down to check out china town. I guess tonight is supposed to be crazy and next three days everything closed, so we gotta experience tonight!!!


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Re: pass for foreign spouse


If by "here" you mean in another thread, that could well be true. But isn't it nice that somebody finally mentioned that an LTVP is sufficient for LoC purposes given that the original poster's spouse might not qualify for an LTVP+? I'd say that's being helpful where and when it counts.

Re: indie / alt music bars

Nah, Singapore is still into Yanni and Kenny G.

Your hopes. Decent bands touring and (unusually) finding it worthwhile stopping off in SG*. Finding some small clubs off-piste that have something going on.
Keeping an eye on bands you like who are touring regionally (in S.E.Asia) , then combining their gigs within 2-3-4 hrs flights, within long w/e's etc away...

* Worth doing, keeping an eye on. Some amazing / historic +/or small bands pass through. But if you're not attentive, and since most locals know crap about music, you might find Deep Purple, Pink floyd, The Prodigy, etc etc have been and gone before you realise it...

Re: Quotes

‘It is disgusting to notice the increase in the quantity of coffee used by my subjects, and the amount of money that goes out of the country as a consequence. Everybody is using coffee; this must be prevented. His Majesty was brought up on beer, and so were both his ancestors and officers. Many battles have been fought and won by soldiers nourished on beer, and the King does not believe that coffee-drinking soldiers can be relied upon to endure hardships in case of another war.’ –

“He was a wise man who invented beer.”

Re: Pharmacy in Johor for prescription drug

You can try these pharmacies in JB too:
1. PharmaCare
2. Caring Pharmacy, Tesco Tebrau Hypermart. You can get the free membership card on the spot and discount. u can get most of the items @ much cheaper prices there (5~30%) as compared with watson/guardian/other pharmacies.
3. My Pharmacy.
4. Summit Pharmacy (No. 7 Jln Badik 1, Taman Sri Tebrau, 80050)

Re: pass for foreign spouse

Old news. I've written here about it before. In fact, I changed one of my employees from S pass to LoC in the original tranche in February last year. Just had approval for another one (LoC for male foreign spouse of a Singapore Citizen) who will be starting on the 10th. The first one is female foreign spouse who's sponsor is her PR husband who is a lecturer at one of the local uni's.



Re: pass for foreign spouse

FYI, both LTVP and LTVP+ holding foreign spouses of Singaporeans and PRs are now able to obtain Letters of Consent from the Ministry of Manpower. The government extended LoCs to LTVP holding foreign spouses starting on February 1, 2015, so it's a fairly recent change.

Re: 25 old Female wants to make friends in singapore

hiya! i am from London 28F will be in Singapore at the end of this month, looking for some girls to hang out with and explore the city :) can i join in?

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indie / alt music bars


I'm new to Singapore (1week in) and I'm wondering is there anywhere you can go for a few beers that plays indie / alt music?

I've done a bit of googling and checked FB and Twitter without much luck. If anyone can throw any suggestions out there (and maybe let me know what kind of stuff they play) that would be great. If there isn't anything happening it would be good to know also as I might speak to some bars /venues about putting on some fun DJ nights in the future if anyone is interested.