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Expat Insurance
Expat Insurance is a leading provider of insurance for expatriates and business in Singapore. We specialise in providing professional insurance advice on a complete portfolio of products including: Employer Benefit Programmes, Business Insurance and Medical Insurance, Home Insurance, Travel Insurance and Motor Insurance.

Expat InsuranceExpat Insurance

Insurance for Expats in Singapore

Expat Insurance is an award winning provider of insurance for expatriates and business in Singapore. The company won Expat Living readers award for “ Best Insurance” and was a Winner in British Chamber of Commerce Business Awards. They specialise in providing professional insurance advice on a complete portfolio of products including: Employer Benefit Programmes, Business Insurance and Medical Insurance, Home Insurance, Travel Insurance and Motor Insurance.

As Singapore’s first client-focused insurance service for expats, our goal is to provide insurance coverage tailored to suit individual and corporate needs. Consistent with our own high standards, our advisors recommend only the most reputable international insurance companies known for superior claims handling, broad coverage and value-for-money products. The insurance companies compensate us directly, so the benefit of coverage reviews and advice we offer you is free.

Insurance for Expats in SingaporeMedical Insurance
There are numerous Medical Insurance policies available, but few are suitable for Expats. We provide specialist advice on Medical Insurance for Expats in Singapore. During our consultation process, Expat Insurance will first want to understand your needs and priorities; then advise which Health Insurance plans will provide you and your family with the most comprehensive and affordable Medical Insurance available.

Insurance for Expats in SingaporeHome Insurance
We offer a range of Home Insurance for Expats in Singapore. With prices suitable for every budget, we’ll provide value-for-money Home Insurance tailored to cover your belongings. We can combine your jewelry insurance and contents coverage as well as Personal Liability in one policy. Contact us today for Home Insurance.

Insurance for Expats in SingaporeLife Insurance
Expat Insurance provides Life Insurance for Expats in Singapore. We offer both Term Life Insurance and Whole Life Insurance plans to protect your family’s financial future should the unexpected ever happen. Nothing can replace you, but money provided at the right time will ensure that your family will not be burdened by the financial consequences of your death.

Insurance for Expats in SingaporeTravel Insurance
Expat Insurance offers value-for-money Single Trip Travel Insurance starting from $26. If you’re planning more than three trips a year, Annual Travel Insurance policies offer cost savings covering unlimited trips abroad, leaving you with one less thing to worry about when booking your holidays. Buy your Travel Insurance online now.

Insurance for Expats in SingaporeMotor Insurance
Expat Insurance has partnered with the largest International Motor Insurance Companies in Singapore to bring you the most comprehensive, competitive Motor Insurance products. This often means we are able to save our customers hundreds of dollars compared with their old insurer. Contact us for Motor Insurance today.

Insurance for Expats in SingaporeBusiness Insurance
Running a successful business requires careful planning of your sales and finances. No matter how prepared you may be, the unthinkable may happen: a fire, burglary, outbreak of disease or a customer’s slip and fall.  Without adequate protection, the effect on your business could be crippling. We provide a comprehensive range of Business Insurance to protect your business including: Liability, Fire, Cargo, Travel and Employer Benefits Programmes.

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we have applied PR in June 2013.we are still waiting for the PR application results. Is this waiting time normal?
Evey time that we are going to ICA they are telling us it is under process.
and My profile is as follows:
- Qualification : bachelor of management
- Total Years of Experience : over 25 years
- Experience in Singapore : 8 year
- My PEP expired last august and got EP .
- Salary : 10000 SGD per MONTHS
-Nationality : IRANIAN
1)Wife: has Nursing Diploma and has 20 years experience
2)Children : First Son (20 years old) Second Son (17 years old) and the Daughter (9 years old) at the time of application..
Is there any Chance to get PR?
is there available website that we can check status of application because i always on business trip?if yes please write down the LINK.


Re: Some interesting currency moves today

Strong Eagle:
Well... the Greeks have made it clear... the austerity conditions demanded by Merkel and the Troika seem to have been soundly rejected.

This is a severe loss of face and bargaining power for the Troika. Now, they must include in their deliberations:

a) How badly do they really want to keep Greece in the Euro and Eurozone?
b) How much of a haircut are the bankers going to take in order to satisfy a renegotiated debt package?
c) Is there anyway that they can enable Greece to stay in the Euro while watching them default on the majority of their debt?

I wouldn't be surprised to see Greece go the way of Argentina... a default on all or most all debt, a moratorium on payments, then an extended repayment plan on about 30% of the debt.

Dear Abby

Quoting from the comments. :shock: :mrgreen:

I am working on my femininity, on being kinder and gentler towards my husband. Should I take a picture of my boobs as a self-reminder? ... 11010.html

Re: New to Singapore - 28 y/o F from Australia/Hong Kong

Hi guys I'm looking for a new circle of friend, where n when do you guys meet up? Do you mind if I join you?

Re: Refusal of Rent Deposit but no TA

Hi -

Update. I found out that the agent has readvertised the property prior to the landlord informing us they were "not agreeable" on the EP delay.

The agent does not seem to understand that they cannot do this. Isn't the point of the booking deposit meant to hold the property until we sign the TA, and then it is used for the 1st month's rent?

Their response was "we were informed of the EP delay and were not agreeable and hence have re-advertised the property".

However, the landlord had not told us they were agreeable or not, to wait due to EP delay until a few days after the property was re-advertised.

Any further thoughts?

Re: LOI signed but no TA produced within 7 days

Hi chapung,

Thanks so much for your reply.

I also have evidence (and recently found out) that they advertised the property prior to any confirmation of renegotiating the dates for a new LOI. (Our LOI states that if we dont' get EP approval by a certain date, we had to renegotiate key dates).

In our case, we updated the landlord with the EP delay and a few days later, without any response from the Landlord, they re-advertised the the property.

Did you end up going through the SCT?


Re: Rent proper house/room

We are a kiwi couple just about to move into an awesome 3 bedroom condo very large and has great facilities very close to holland Village looking for a flexible flat share person if your interested in a room with own bathroom. we travel for business often also.

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Re: RE: Re: 24F relocated from Australia.

Hey Abigail!

Would love to catch up for a drink or something! I was born in Singapore and have been living in Australia for the past 7 years. Am back in Singapore for a few weeks visiting family. Let me know if you wanna hang out! :)
Yess!! Of course I would love to! I have work till 6pm everyday at bugis area so if you're free for dinner or drinks after work any weekday, or free on the weekends, let me know! My number is +6596899829 :)

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Re: Wines and beers

Excellent sounds good

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Re: 24F relocated from Australia.

Hey Abigail!

Would love to catch up for a drink or something! I was born in Singapore and have been living in Australia for the past 7 years. Am back in Singapore for a few weeks visiting family. Let me know if you wanna hang out! :)

P/T helper situation

Just wondering if there are any opinions out there on whether or not the p/t maid situation has improved/worsened or is still the same. A couple years ago I tried to find a reliable p/t (legal) maid and eventually gave up. Too unreliable, didn't do a good job, etc etc.

Going to try again sometime soon. Any recent experience from those on the forum?

Re: anybody ever transfer a helper?

PM if you're looking for somebody. Our kids are getting to the age we don't need a f/t helper anymore and are looking to help ours find a new employer.

Re: Living in Woodlands, Woodhaven

Far East is playing the "oh, expats who go to the American school, must be on a package-lah" game. :roll:

You can probably get a much better deal in the townhouses directly adjacent to the school. They don't have a pool granted but most of them, as well as the various terrace houses, are individually owned I think.

Good luck with the commute. :)

Re: Hair loss treatment

Oily and spicy food can create the hair loss problem. Try to use this effordable and effective method to get the longer and fuller hair without frizzy at all. Use 50% of milk mix with 50% of water and apply on yr whole hair and leave it for 10 minutes to let the hair dry and rinse off. Rosemary oil and clary sage oil are very benefit for hair as well. Hope it helps.

F 28 newbie in Singapire. Looking for friends and hobby buddies

Hi all,

I have just arrived for 2 weeks, barely enough to get to know the city and find an apartment. Originally from Asia and was sent to Singapore after 3 years in the US.

Work in Marina Bay area and I am looking to make friends to enjoy fun and network. I have a good sense of humor (was told), like walking, exploring, gathering and travelling :) also love good food, drink and fun :) and would like to mae a lot of friends :)