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Expat Insurance
Expat Insurance is a leading provider of insurance for expatriates and business in Singapore. We specialise in providing professional insurance advice on a complete portfolio of products including: Employer Benefit Programmes, Business Insurance and Medical Insurance, Home Insurance, Travel Insurance and Motor Insurance.

Expat InsuranceExpat Insurance

Insurance for Expats in Singapore

Expat Insurance is an award winning provider of insurance for expatriates and business in Singapore. The company won Expat Living readers award for “ Best Insurance” and was a Winner in British Chamber of Commerce Business Awards. They specialise in providing professional insurance advice on a complete portfolio of products including: Employer Benefit Programmes, Business Insurance and Medical Insurance, Home Insurance, Travel Insurance and Motor Insurance.

As Singapore’s first client-focused insurance service for expats, our goal is to provide insurance coverage tailored to suit individual and corporate needs. Consistent with our own high standards, our advisors recommend only the most reputable international insurance companies known for superior claims handling, broad coverage and value-for-money products. The insurance companies compensate us directly, so the benefit of coverage reviews and advice we offer you is free.

Insurance for Expats in SingaporeMedical Insurance
There are numerous Medical Insurance policies available, but few are suitable for Expats. We provide specialist advice on Medical Insurance for Expats in Singapore. During our consultation process, Expat Insurance will first want to understand your needs and priorities; then advise which Health Insurance plans will provide you and your family with the most comprehensive and affordable Medical Insurance available.

Insurance for Expats in SingaporeHome Insurance
We offer a range of Home Insurance for Expats in Singapore. With prices suitable for every budget, we’ll provide value-for-money Home Insurance tailored to cover your belongings. We can combine your jewelry insurance and contents coverage as well as Personal Liability in one policy. Contact us today for Home Insurance.

Insurance for Expats in SingaporeLife Insurance
Expat Insurance provides Life Insurance for Expats in Singapore. We offer both Term Life Insurance and Whole Life Insurance plans to protect your family’s financial future should the unexpected ever happen. Nothing can replace you, but money provided at the right time will ensure that your family will not be burdened by the financial consequences of your death.

Insurance for Expats in SingaporeTravel Insurance
Expat Insurance offers value-for-money Single Trip Travel Insurance starting from $26. If you’re planning more than three trips a year, Annual Travel Insurance policies offer cost savings covering unlimited trips abroad, leaving you with one less thing to worry about when booking your holidays. Buy your Travel Insurance online now.

Insurance for Expats in SingaporeMotor Insurance
Expat Insurance has partnered with the largest International Motor Insurance Companies in Singapore to bring you the most comprehensive, competitive Motor Insurance products. This often means we are able to save our customers hundreds of dollars compared with their old insurer. Contact us for Motor Insurance today.

Insurance for Expats in SingaporeBusiness Insurance
Running a successful business requires careful planning of your sales and finances. No matter how prepared you may be, the unthinkable may happen: a fire, burglary, outbreak of disease or a customer’s slip and fall.  Without adequate protection, the effect on your business could be crippling. We provide a comprehensive range of Business Insurance to protect your business including: Liability, Fire, Cargo, Travel and Employer Benefits Programmes.

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Whoa - wtf did LSL say - this was in reference to his usual attacks on the oppo - "Take a look at the people we have, and the people they have. What sort of people are you?" - problem was he was talking about SINGAPOREANS. Major misstep and a good example of why so many people dislike him. Arrogance becomes no one.

Cambodian property hotter than ASEAN average ahead of AEC


With the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) set to commence at the end of this year, promising deeper cross-market potential for property investment, the region as a whole is experiencing a cooling effect—with the exception of Cambodia, which shows strong growth numbers according to property consultancy Knight Frank’s latest Asia Development Index.

Cambodia’s land prices, however, have surged by 14.1 per cent for residential, and 9.7 per cent for commercial land respectively, marking the biggest land price hike of all countries analysed.

Knight Frank’s Cambodian country manager Ross Wheble explained that the regional cooling “has benefited an influx of both foreign developers and investors seeking to take advantage of the comparatively low property prices and the relative ease at which foreign buyers can acquire freehold property (above ground floor level).”

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thread lift and KELOID? advise?

Hi! desperately need help before i go for my procedure! i've been told by several doctors conflicting remarks about keloid and thread lift! anyone done thread lift before?

ok so i have problems with keloid. i had a earhole when i was younger, then a few years later, it closed, so i went to re-punch the hole and a keloid was formed on both ears respectively. they are HUGE. i had the keloid removed by laser and multiple injections before but it still recurred and i still have this giant thing behind my ear.

anyway, i'm deciding to do my thread lift for double chin and eyebag removal with BC Ng and he told me not to worry about keloids forming. i went to other doctors to see and some said it might form. i went online checked and some said keloids are high chance.

anyway, i went with my vanity and decided to do my procedure soon. but i'm anxious about keloid scarring. anyone has experience or can share stories about thread lift? its my first time taking such huge risks on aesthetics and its quite daunting! :) thanks

Re: NFL in Singapore

You're probably better off getting the NFL package online. The beauty of it is they lose all commercials, so you can watch the whole game in about 40 minutes!!!!

Bringing Baby Formula to SG - Allowed?

Hi All,
A friend of mine with 6 month old Twins has asked me to buy a sizeable amount (20+ boxes) of infant formula while I'm abroad and bring it back into Singapore.
I've no problem with this, but am wondering what the allowances, if any are before I'd have to start paying tax at customs?
I've had a look at the customs website, and done an extensive google search, but I can't find a direct answer.
Anyone have experience of this?


Re: General Election - Coming Soon - 11th September

Looks like todays rallys had a good turn out!

Any good orators worth listening to in Singapore?

Re: General Election - Coming Soon - 11th September

=D> =D> =D>

Re: Cobra and python!

that is so cool!

Re: short term internet contract

I remember M1 have short term broadband package

Re: How soon can I re-enter SG after being refused entry? I will have an IPA for E pass

Yes I am female, professional. No I didn't get a ban. I want to avoid getting a ban all in all as travel to other countries would make it potentially difficult as well. I visited Singapore several times over the last 6 months but not only to Singapore. I was also travelling to 9 other different countries during the same period. I decided to take some time off work and wanted to travel around the world - UK, US, Australia, South and Southeast Asia.

What would be my best bet? Should I wait for the ICA reply, or is the IPA good enough? And how long does ICA reply with an outcome?

Thank you again.

Re: Singapore deputation - Things to Carry + Other Newbie Advice Needed

I had a paragraph, and then said the heck with it, and deleted it. I've done my share of regurgitation here. Let him use google or the very capable search engine on this site. All the answers are there. Or let JR8 write another 500 word reply to him. ;-)

Re: RE: Singapore deputation - Things to Carry + Other Newbie Advice Needed

. What other critical items am I missing out?

Thanks - Kapil

Probably a bit of search here, and Google would help a lot

Instead of throwing a generic wish list

Or so I feel

Re: 27F from Scotland just moved and looking for people to hang out with and explore singapore

Hi, I just moved to Singapore less than two weeks ago and I'm keen to meet people who want to hang out, have a few drinks and explore Singapore! I'm 27 and have been an expat for 5 years but this is my first time in Singapore. I'm loving it so far and just looking to widen my social circle beyond work friends. Let me know if you want to meet up, I'm really keen to go to Sentosa etc and explore that soon so if anyone is keen let me know and we can get something arranged :)


Do you have freckles and ginger coloured hair?

Re: Acne problems

Are you washing your razor in alcohol after shaving to disinfect it?

Re: German wife's LTVP/LTVP+ chances

Not entirely dissimilar (though reversed roles) to my wife and I, at the time of our first LTVP application.

In our case, when you file the application, if necessary the SVP is extended in order that the entire process can be seen through. So there might be little reason to submit it the very day she lands. I'd take a little time for her to unpack, check she has all her dox in hand etc., photocopies, passport pix, etc etc. Then you can proceed knowing you're giving it your absolute best shot. Presumably you have downloaded the forms, and she already knows she has every document required? It's waaay easier sorting this out before she arrives, than later on realising she needs original or copy dox from back home.

One thing you don't mention that perhaps counts is any employment history she has. If they see she has some experience, might not be sitting around twiddling her thumbs, and better yet can perhaps bring talents, skills and experience to SGs workplace then that is only to your advantage.

- No I don't see being EU 'counting against her'. There is probably some benefit in being of Chinese genes, so in that way being DE/EU is a disadvantage, but there's nothing you can do about that, and IMHO it is not something to concern yourself about.

On the LTVP application form these days there is a simple tick-box that reads (roughly) 'Would you like your application to additionally be considered for an LTVP+'. I don't see any harm in ticking it. Maybe they won't grant the '+' this time, who knows, perhaps they'll want to see how you cope on one income. But if so, as and when you come to renew it I'd tick it again. ... Maybe you'll get the '+' first time, it's impossible to say.

p.s. PR is another matter, and the rules/sands shift on it the whole time. I'd focus on getting the LTVP, the +, then later PR...

Good luck to you, let us know how you get on.