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Education is essential for every child, and it can start as early as preschool years. Singapore Expats comprehensive list of schools from preschools to playgroups.

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Rain Trees Kindergarten


Rain Trees Kindergarten is a small, family orientated preschool that provides a ‘home-from-home’ environment for children aged 2-6 from the international community.

We offer a caring, fun and friendly preschool with experienced international teachers in an integrated indoor-to-outdoor setting

Rain Trees Kindergarten , founded in 1999 is highly recommended by parents and is located in Bukit Timah on Kheam Hock Road.

For more information visit


Click on the image below to find out why parents recommend Rain Trees
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Rosemount International School / Rosemount Kindergarten

Rosemount International School

Established in 1999, Rosemount International School is a private international school in Singapore providing schooling at the preparatory (kindergarten) and junior school (primary) levels.

Our curriculum is built on an inquiry-based philosophy in which students are encouraged to question, discover and communicate through an interdisciplinary and integrated approach to learning.

At Rosemount it is the combination of highly trained teachers, a challenging, yet flexible curriculum and an individual approach to learning that allows students to develop to their full potential.

For more information please contact admissions:

P: +65 6446 4636
A: 25 Ettrick Terrace, Siglap, Singapore 458588


British Council Pre-School


At British Council Pre-school, we believe that a forward-looking, stimulating environment is the key to developing your child’s inquisitive nature. Instil the love for learning in your child with our 21st century education.

Our mission

  • We will help every child fulfil his or her true potential.
  • We will provide a happy, secure and healthy learning environment.
  • We will work together with parents to nurture the leaders of tomorrow.

Our curriculum

We believe every child is unique and is constantly learning. Using the best pre-school practices from both the United Kingdom and Singapore, we provide holistic, hands-on and concrete learning, with a strong emphasis on language and literacy.

Our Daily Programme

Our 3-hour programmes are available in two sessions:
Morning   09:00 to 12:00
Afternoon 13:00 to 16:00

Delivered by a team of dedicated and passionate teachers with professional qualifications in early childhood education, children will learn about:

  • Language and Literacy: Immerse in a language-rich environment and learn about the multi-sensory Jolly Phonics programme
  • Speech and Drama: Build strong communication skills and confidence through fun activities
  • Art: Foster creativity through the exploration of art
  • Motor Skills Development: Develop coordination, control and movement through purposeful play
  • Music and Movement: Learn to appreciate music, sound and dance while honing gross motor coordination skills
  • Numeracy: Understand mathematical concepts through hands-on learning experiences
  • Discovery of the world: Build the foundation for learning science, history and geography
  • Social and Emotional Development: Through the reinforcement of “Golden Rules”, children cultivate a positive sense of themselves
  • Primary School Induction Programme: K2 students will experience new teaching styles in Terms 3 and 4
  • Chinese: Stories, songs, games and role-play will develop the confidence to use the language

11 Tampines Concourse  #01-02/03/04 Singapore 528729

Free school visits can be arranged. Call +65 6783 9209 to book an appointment now.

Canadian International School Kindergarten

Canadian International School

As one of Singapore’s leading international preschools, Canadian International School Kindergarten is recognised as a perfect place for discovery and exploration. The school focuses on unlocking young children’s potential through:

  1. A Tailored Global Language Programme
  2. Stimulating Learning Pods & Playgrounds
  3. A Hands-on Literacy & Numeracy Curriculum
  4. Dedicated Arts, Music & Physical Education Specialists

Global Language Programme
All students at Canadian International School (CIS) Kindergarten learn an additional language from 4 years of age. They have the opportunity to choose either French or Chinese taught by dedicated language specialists, or enrol in our pioneering bilingual Chinese-English programme. Our bilingual programme provides equal exposure to both Chinese and English, with two qualified teachers in each classroom.

Stimulating Learning Pods and Playgrounds
Our state-of-the art, purpose-built Kindergarten facilities are designed specifically to support play-based learning. At our Lakeside campus, classrooms are organised around stimulating ‘learning pods’(large, open learning spaces), where teachers can set up hands-on learning centres. Dedicated outdoor play areas include an early years playground, bike tracks, sandpits with water-play zones, a large wading pool (Lakeside campus only) and gym.

Hands-on Literacy & Numeracy Curriculum
Literacy and numeracy learning is built into the daily schedule. Concepts are taught based on an inquiry, play-based approach (for example our students explore volume and capacity through ‘hands-on’ water play activities) and tailored to a wide range of academic abilities.

Dedicated Arts, Music & Physical Education Specialists
Students at CIS Kindergarten engage in Physical Education and Arts (Music, Visual Art, Dance, Drama) classes with single subject specialists. Our Physical Education lessons focus on movement (running and jumping) and gross motor development while our Arts lessons focus on teaching children how to express themselves through different types of mediums.

A quote from a happy parent
“ Our CIS experience has been a great one. There is a wide range of hands-on activities, so both Matias and Luciana are always engaged in learning new things. Both of them really enjoy the bilingual classes”. Evelyn Carvajal, CIS Kindergarten parent, June 2015.

Lakeside Campus (ECE to Grade 12)
Jurong West Street 41
Singapore 649414
T: +65 6467 1732

Tanjong Katong Campus (ECE to Grade 8)
371 Tanjong Katong Road
Singapore 437128
T: +65 6345 1573

Capella International Preschool

Capella International PreSchool

Capella International Preschool
Capella International Preschool is housed at a quaint bungalow with a large field and a spacious open backyard for healthy outdoor activities. Our field also houses a little garden where our children can learn how to grow and care for the greenery.

Our Philosophy
We strive to create a cheerful, fun and positive difference in our children’s growing up. We encourage our children to be inquisitive, creative and with a boldness to explore the world around them. We endeavour to guide and nurture our children to shine the brightest that they can be, and emerge as a happy and well-rounded child under our care. We strive to enhance the learning experience of our children through open communication and close partnership with our children’s parents.

Every Capella child is our STAR!

  • Seeker
  • Thinker
  • Adventurer
  • Really happy kid!

The Curriculum
Capella International Preschool adopts the International Preschool Curriculum®. The IPC was developed to raise international Early Childhood Education (ECE) standards by adopting and implementing proven research.

IPC Key Characteristics:

  • Objective Based
  • Inquiry Based
  • Play Based
  • Developmentally Appropriate
  • Family Involvement
  • Content Learning Areas
  • Peer reviewed
  • Updated Regularly
  • International

Mandarin Programme:
As part of the partnership with IPC, Capella International Preschool also implements a challenging and exciting Mandarin curriculum developed by the CI-NTU (Confucius Institute – Nanyang Technological University). CI-NTU has been jointly established by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China and NTU in Singapore.

Field Trips
We arrange monthly field trips to take our children to different places in Singapore such as goat/frog farms, museums, parks, and many more. These trips are always an excitable time for our children as the new environment intrigue their curiosity under the watchful eyes of our teachers.

Our School
11 Margate Road
Singapore 438052
Contact Us: 6342 1377

German European School Singapore

German European School Singapore

The first school you choose for your child is one of the most important milestones in your child's life. Knowing this, the GESS Pre-School Department provides a learning environment that is fun, safe, and stimulating. One that promotes passion and enthusiasm for learning to children between 18 months to 6 years. As a bilingual Department, we provide a unique German and English Language Programme designed specifically to meet the diverse language levels of our students. Additionally, we are offering a fully integrated Danish Mother Tongue programme to our Danish students two afternoons a week.

  • In Kindergarten and Pre-Primary, we offer the IB PYP inquiry-driven approach to teaching and learning. Along with our learning curriculum, we are promoting pre-reading and pre-writing skills, science, sports, music, drama, ICT, arts, cooking as well as using play as a learning tool. GESS provides lots of space to run, explore and embrace the natural environment around us. We foster our cultural diversity by celebrating European and Singaporean festivities. Parent-Child groups are suited for children aged from 18 months - 3 years. The groups are kept to a small number and are using generous group rooms as well as extra rooms for crafts, music, movement and a generously laid-out playground.
  • In preparation for starting Kindergarten, GESS offers Toddler groups from 2-3 years, to ensure a smooth transition from those first steps of independence to full-time kindergarten attendance.
  • In our Kindergarten classes, we provide heterogeneous grouping, for 3 to 5 years old. This uniqueness promotes a child-centred approach, where the structure for play is closely linked to real life.
  • Our Pre-Primary is for our five and six year’s old students and is located at the "Habitat" on Junior School Campus.

A quote from a happy mother:
“Up to now, my son has loved each and every day at class and sometimes even demands on the weekends to go to school!" - Maria Gialakis, Mother

Main Campus
72 Bukit Tinggi Road
Singapore 289760
Tel: 6469 1131

Junior School Campus
300 Jalan Jurong Kechil
Singapore 598668
Tel: 6461 0802

Raffles Montessori Kindergarten

Raffles Montessori Kindergarten

Located off Still Road (East Coast), Raffles Montessori Kindergarten is ensconced in a beautiful detached house, with an immaculate carpet grass lawn, exciting outdoor playground equipment, and herbal gardens for the children to enjoy. At Raffles Montessori, we aim to give the children the best start in life, an environment conducive for learning, social interactions and physical development.

Clinical Psychologist / Adjunct Associate Professor, NUS


VENUE: Raffles Montessori Kindergarten (Still Road)

TIME:    10AM- 12.30PM

To Register, Please Call 6344 0077 or Email:

Why Raffles Montessori?

  • Individualized learning
  • Full set of authentic Montessori materials
  • Bilingual curriculum
  • Programmes for toddler age through kindergarten
  • MOE registered School
  • Holistic experience

Contact Us
Phone: +65 6344 0077
Address: 105 Lorong Stangee Singapore 425080

White Lodge

White Lodge

White Lodge is a well established pre-school and kindergarten with eight centres across Singapore. It caters for children aged 6 months to 6.5 years providing an inspirational and nurturing learning journey for each individual. White Lodge strives to provide an education with “something more“.

Over the years, White Lodge’s passionate team of early childhood educators continually work to develop a curriculum that supports the growth and development of children as unique individuals. Teachers liberate, empower and motivate the children to use their individual gifts with confidence, creativity and generosity. Children are given the opportunities to develop as intelligent, confident, wise and lovable young people.

The schools facilitate active learning, involvement and discovery through a hands-on teaching approach. White Lodge’s curriculum framework is based on the UK Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). The Mandarin programme is designed in line with the requirements of Ministry of Education, Singapore and is comparable to the Primary One to Primary Three syllabus.

White Lodge’s Parent-and-Child Workshops are available to children from 6 months – 18 months of age. Socialising and fun sensory activities are a part of these workshops that encompass a great community spirit giving parents a chance to meet. The pre-nursery program from 18 months allows a child to attend White Lodge on their own making the transition onwards all the way up to kindergarten. Children are stimulated, challenged and nurtured to prepare them for the next step of their lives.

White Lodge believes that children should experience learning as an adventure, and that stimulation inspires and encourages the development of their imagination. White Lodge provides a world in which children can explore and express themselves best.

For more information visit or call a White Lodge close to you on the numbers below where you can arrange a time to visit the school and speak with teachers.

Bukit Timah 39 Linden Drive, Tel: 6468 8846
Central North 45 Burghley Drive, Tel: 6280 7388
East Coast 102 Guillemard Road, Tel: 6440 6690
Loewen Gardens 75E Loewen Road, Tel: 6475 7262
Phoenix Park 310 Tanglin Road, Tel: 6235 5310
Upper Bukit Timah 1 Jalan Siap, Tel: 6314 5481
Upper East Coast 36 Toh Drive, Tel: 6543 1802
West Coast 9 South Buona Vista Road, Tel: 6779 8465

Preschools at Bukit Timah

Cherrybrook Kindergarten
Address: 5 Vanda Road, Singapore 287775
Tel: (65) 6468 6550

German European School Singapore
Address : 72 Bukit Tinggi Road, Singapore 289760
Tel: (65) 6469 1131

Raffles House Preschool Pte Ltd
Address: 1 Robin Drive, Singapore 258261
Tel: (65) 6732 1455

Preschools at Holland

Buttercups Montessori Kindergarten Pte Ltd
Address: 37 Grove Lane, Singapore 279029
Tel: (65) 6462 4838

Faith Montessori Centre
Address: 4 Moonbeam Walk, Singapore 277219
Tel: (65) 6465 2751

Nanyang Kindergarten
Address: 118 Kings Road, Singapore 268155
Tel: (65) 6466 3375

NTUC Childcare Centre
Address: 170 Ghim Moh Road #03-03 Ulu Pandan Community Building,
Singapore 279621
Tel: (65) 6468 3725

St James’ Church Kindergarten
Address: 1 Leedon Road, Singapore 267878
Tel: (65) 6468 7609

Preschools at East Coast

Raffles Montessori Pte Ltd
Address: No.95 Telok Kurau Road, Singapore 423797
Tel: (65) 6841 1111

Christ Methodist Church Kindergarten
Address: 597 East Coast Road, Singapore 429082
Tel: (65) 6344 8823

Schoolhouse By The Bay
Address: 51 Kampong Arang Road, Singapore 438178
Tel: (65) 63458258

NTUC Childcare Centre
Address: 1 Haig Road #01-555, Singapore 430001
Tel: (65) 6846 3065

Learning Tree Preschool Pte Ltd
Address: 26A Ulu Siglap, Singapore 457184
Tel: (65) 6242 9975

Preschools at West Coast

Ellas Kindergarten Pte Ltd
Address: 12 West Coast Walk #02-16 West Coast Recreation Centre,
Singapore 127157
Tel: (65) 6778 1293

Japanese Kindergarten (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Address: 251 West Coast Road, Singapore 127390
Tel: (65) 6779 3434 / (65) 6776 2930

Tanglin Trust School Limited
Address: Portsdown Road, Singapore 139294
Tel: (65) 67703171

TownforKids Pte Ltd
Address: 10 Ayer Rajah Crescent, Singapore 139940
Tel: (65) 6776 1888

Preschools at North

Cherie Hearts Kids-At-Play Pte Ltd
Address: 34 Westlake Ave, Singapore 574245
Tel: (65)  6352 4889
Email :

Kinderland Preschool
Address: 449 Yio Chu Kang Road, Singapore 805946
Tel: (65) 6483 2261

Modern Montessori Preschool Centre
Address: Block 750 Woodlands Avenue 4, #01-317, Singapore 730750
Tel: (65) 6369 0700

Sonrise Preschool
Address: 2 Kovan Road #01-01 Simon Plaza, Singapore 548008
Tel: (65) 6285 5911

Jansen Preschool
Address: 39 Jansen Rd, Singapore 548441
Tel: (65) 6487 6116

For School Operators

If you would like to advertise your school with us, click HERE

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Re: Any VPN experts here ???


i've heard and read of this and am trying to understand it more since it appears to do what i want since all traffic will go through it.

Re: Any VPN experts here ???

I don't understand what you mean when you say you want to "force all outgoing connections" to run through a VPN. Outgoing to where? Every VPN connection requires a server to make the VPN connections and a client that requests and processes them. The VPN connection is secure between the VPN server and the VPN client, nowhere else.

So... this works great if you are in a Starbucks with an open connection. Without VPN, you connect to the internet with the Starbucks wifi and if you bring up a banking page, everyone can see it.

So, you fire up your VPN client and make connection with the VPN server. Your data is now tunneled and encrypted. Now, it doesn't matter if Starbucks is open and sniffable... your data is encrypted between the server and the client, and your internet connection to your bank is actually from the VPN server now, which is presumably a more secure, hard wired connection.

So again, I say, "Outgoing to where?" If a website uses http protocol and you access it, there is nothing that you can do to prevent that connection from potentially being sniffed somewhere along the network path.

If you want all your computers to go through VPN when you are not inside your home network, then you must either have a server with VPN services enabled (ie - Windows Server 2012 R2), and operate your PC's and users on a domain with active directory control, or you must have a hardware appliance that supports the same. An example of such a box is the Netgear FVS318 ProSafe VPN/Firewall... ... B00006B9HC

Or, if you want the cat's meow in firewwall appliances, you'll want to get the Cisco Meraki brand... pricey but very capable and very easy to use. In all these cases, the PC making the connection requires software to make the connection... Windows VPN, Cisco AnyConnect, etc.

The point is, though, that you VPN a VPN client TO a VPN server. For example, employees in my company use our VPN to access the company network when traveling. They use the client's VPN when accessing the client's network. Or, we can really stretch things. The employee uses our VPN to connect to our network, then uses remote desktop (RDP) to access their workstation in the office, then uses the client VPN setup on the workstation to access the client network.

Maybe you can tell me more about what you are trying to achieve?

to prevent local sniffing ... :D

so create a tunnel between my connection and say a server in the US or wherever ...

so effectively have a US IP address ...

hope this is clearer

Re: RE: Any VPN experts here ???


i honestly do not know enough about it but if i recall correctly, this router doesn't have that feature.

Re: Climbing, bouldering - regionally

Max Headroom:
Years back, I saw a YT clip of a couple of death-wishers scaling that granite wall. Just to get to it looked like a mission. Hanging from a rope with a 30-knot squall blowing through at any moment... I'll pass :)

It appears Gajang isn't on the mountain hiking community's radar, JR. Pretty surprising, given its amazing beauty. We had to create a track as we went along, because there was none. It's exciting but back-breaking stuff, because you have to constantly duck and weave your way through vines, killer roots, low-hanging branches and whatnots. A couple of those chameleon eyes would have come in handy. You're always slipping and tripping, grabbing something spiky and bumping your head. All the while plucking leeches off your neck, face and chest.

Now that I mention it, this may have something to do with Gajang not being all that popular, haha.

We set off at 9 am and returned to the bottom at 9 pm. The descent was the worst; I had jelly legs for a week!

Mind you, I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

I haven't done the Tekek to Juara track yet. I'm busy exploring Anambas; plenty of adventure there too.

The Amazon is so on my bucket list. That must have been off the scale eh.

Re: Singapore shipping customs

Naive question: Aren't these bottles of prescription medications labeled? For example, approximately, "For Jane Smith, take 2 tablets every 4 hours, Boots Pharmacy, Liverpool...."?

Re: Singapore shipping customs

As the others said, don't worry. It's not about cases like yours. It's about smuggling the real drugs or restricted drugs in large quantity. It's not like in EU where a friend of mine got prosecuted for bringing over from Egypt a single package of Valium. Authorities here are reasonable and don't attempt to punish everyone for the sake of blind, literal law obedience.

Re: Vacation rentals on Craigslist

Yeah maybe they are all bullshit, IDK. Actually my time will divided into two, I need to go to Phillippines for 4-5 days. I'll reserve the BnB for the first 10 days, but during that time will see if I can get something lined up for the other 10 days in August.

Then again I may not have the patience to wade through the bullshit. I'll report back with what I find, just for fun :)

Re: Singapore shipping customs

Strong Eagle:

The customs folks aren't out to whack people like you... they are actually quite reasonable. They are after entirely different game.

They require that everyone declare because if they do catch a big fish, the law's been broken.

I really wouldn't sweat it.

Re: Singapore shipping customs

TBH I think you're over-worrying. You do have to itemise/list media, every single CD, DVD, etc, but we never give a thought to what meds we relo with into SG. .
So there will be various remnants of prescription meds, and we've never had copies of original prescriptions on us, NOR felt any necessity at all to declare any of these products on any customs forms.
I reckon absolute worst case is a tiny chance they happen to find something and ask you to explain it. So you explain, perhaps getting a copy of the original prescription as proof if needs be. That said, I've never heard of anything like even this happening before...

Re: looking for any investment opportunity in Singapore

How about starting by describing your circumstances, assets and goals?


Re: Singapore shipping customs

Thanks a lot for the reply. It's just I know how strict they 'can' be here in Sin. The meds are nothing fancy, Antibiotics, pain meds like co-codomol ok, some breast cancer meds (belonging to mom)and fertility meds. No 'party drugs' as they say. I guess we just gotta wait and see - I suppose worst case I'm looking at a big fine and confiscation...lets hope neither.

Re: Climbing, bouldering - regionally

Jeez no I don't want to hehe... :-D Hard enough walking to an 'Eagle's Night' meet-up at the pub these days never mind home afterwards ;) But as I said the question has been asked before, and within the past year, hence my pre-emptively linking it just in case for the future. And I thought the site was laid out well and gave useful background and all the strategy, route approach, route-options and more technical aspects etc.
As I understand it granite has the advantage of being very stable. So any bolted lines should remain usable/reliable far longer than those in say the more usual regional limestone and sandstone.

Nice description you give there. I spent a few months camped out expeditioning in the remote Amazon so can imagine what you describe. Interesting too as despite knowing Tioman well I don't think I've met anyone who has climbed that peak. Did you also do the hike from Tekek over to Juara? I know a few people who have ... that sounds like an interesting and challenging hike.

Re: Vacation rentals on Craigslist


'Chill mahn' ;)
Ah, so you've set yourself up for a challenge now. Can you find an ad for say a legit unit in SG, for say a 7-day stay. Where you pay the owner or his agent when you collect the keys? Where you know the location and preferably name of the building, and it all checks out?

looking for any investment opportunity in Singapore

I will like to seek the advice of everyone out there to tell me the type of investment opportunity which are good and favorable in Singapore. Need advice

Re: Vacation rentals on Craigslist

On the London site, things don't look right either... example:

'GBP60 / 2br - Glamorous Apartment In West London! (Ifield Rd, Kensington)
The apartment is a bright 40sqm, completely refurbished accommodation that is fully furnished to welcome up to 8 guests, making it the perfect choice for a holiday with family or a group of friends. '

The building clearly in view through the window in pic2 is 'The Gherkin' building in the City *6 miles away* lol!
The pictured unit appears materially more than 430ft (430 = a typical studio-flat perhaps a roughly 20*20' studio + a small bathroom, no separate kitchen never mind a 'dine-in kitchen'). The windows appear hotel-style, i.e. ALu framed and only partially openable. It's fitted out like a serviced apartment too.
The price is suspiciously cheap, considering short-lets (3-6 months) cost about double what a 12-24 month TA would cost. Holiday lets with even higher turn over of tenants, hassle, wear+tear, voids, etc etc would need to be priced even higher.

ps. noted Ecu, thanks, haven't used it before and obviously will avoid it like the plague in future.
pps @ Ecu - MrsJR8 just got home and I asked her Q. ''