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Singapore Expats comprehensive listings of hotels in Singapore, includes address & telephone. Please contact us to add to this list.

Listings of hotels in Singapore.
Hotels - Address and Telephone

1 World Hotels Pte Ltd
292B MacPherson Rd Tel : 6547 4212
A Travellers Rest Stop Pte Ltd
5 Teck Lim Rd Tel : 6225 4812 Fax : 6225 4813
Albert Court Hotel
180 Albert St Tel : 6339 3939
Alexandria Hotel Pte Ltd
83 Syed Alwi Rd Tel : 6296 4730
Aliwal Park Hotel Pte Ltd
79 Aliwal St Tel : 6293 9022
Allson Hotel Singapore
101 Victoria St #02-00 Tel : 6336 0811
Amara Singapore
165 Tg Pagar Rd Tel : 6879 2555
Ambassador Transit Hotel
Airport Blvd 035-06 Changi Airport Passenger Terminal 1 Tel : 6542 5538
Amber Hotel
42 Amber Rd Tel : 6344 5255
ANA Hotel Singapore
16 Nassim Hill Tel : 6732 1222
Astro Hotel
51 Joo Chiat Rd Tel : 6348 9000
Backpacker Hotel
11A Mosque St Tel : 6224 6859
Balestier Hotel Pte Ltd
471/473 Balestier Rd Tel : 6252 6857
Beach Hotel Pte Ltd
95 Beach Rd Tel : 6336 7712
Boon Wah Hotel
43A Jln Besar Tel : 6299 1466
Bright Star Hotel Pte Ltd
20 Lor 17 Geylang #01-00 Tel : 6742 7666
Broadway Hotel (Pte) Ltd
195 Serangoon Rd #01-00 Tel : 6292 4661
Cactus Hotel
407 Jln Besar Tel : 6391 3913 Copyright
Cameron Hotel
393F Up Changi Rd Tel : 6545 1816
Canning Park Hotel Pte Ltd
12 Lor 12 Geylang Tel : 6747 0990
Carlton Hotel (S) Pte Ltd
76 Bras Basah Rd #01-00 Tel : 6338 8333
Century Hotel Pte Ltd
23 Lor 20 Geylang Tel : 6749 6676
Century Roxy Park Hotel
50 East Coast Rd Roxy Sq Tel : 6344 8000
Champagne Hotel
41 Lor 16 Geylang Tel : 6749 6696
Changi Hotel Pte Ltd
80 Changi Rd Koh Bros Bldg Tel : 6346 3388
Chinatown Hotel Pte Ltd
12/16 Teck Lim Rd Tel : 6225 5166
Classique Hotel Pte Ltd
240 Jln Besar Tel : 6392 3838
Conrad Centennial Singapore
2 Temasek Boulevard Tel : 6334 8888
Copthorne King's Hotel 
403 Havelock Rd Tel : 6733 0012
Copthorne Orchid Hotel Singapore Pte Ltd
214 Dunearn Rd Tel : 6250 5122
Crown Prince Hotel Singapore
270 Orchard Rd #03-00 Tel : 6732 1111
Damenlou Hotel
12 Ann Siang Rd Tel : 6221 1900
Diamond Hotel
25 Lor 18 Geylang Tel : 6842 3777
Dickson Court Hotel Pte Ltd
3 Dickson Rd Tel : 6297 7811
Elizabeth Hotel The
24 Mt Elizabeth Tel : 6738 1188
Four Seasons Hotel Singapore
190 Orchard Boulevard Tel : 6734 1110
Fragrance Hotel-Crystal
50 Lor 18 Geylang Tel : 6844 7888 Singapore
Fragrance Hotel-Emerald
20 Lor 6 Geylang Tel : 6842 3888
Fragrance Hotel-Pearl
21 Lor 14 Geylang Tel : 6842 7888
Fragrance Hotel-Ruby
10 Lor 20 Geylang Tel : 6841 3888
Fragrance Hotel-Sapphire
3 Lor 10 Geylang Tel : 6841 4888
Fragrance Hotel The
219 Joo Chiat Rd Tel : 6344 9888
Fullerton Hotel The
1 Fullerton Sq Tel : 6733 8388
Furama Hotel Singapore Pte Ltd
60 Eu Tong Sen St #03-00 Tel : 6533 3888
Garden Hotel
14 Balmoral Rd Tel : 6235 3344
Gateway Hotel Pte Ltd
66/68 Joo Chiat Rd Tel : 6342 0988
Gay World Hotel
115 Geylang Rd Tel : 6745 8884
Golden Dragon Hotel
61 Westerhout Rd Tel : 6743 0770
Golden Landmark Hotel
390 Victoria St Tel : 6297 2828
Goodwood Park Hotel Ltd
22 Scotts Rd Tel : 6737 7411
Grand Hotel (Pte) Ltd
25 Still Rd South Tel : 6345 5261
Grand Hyatt Singapore
10 Scotts Rd Tel : 6738 1234 Expats
Grandmax Hotel
51 Desker Rd #01-00 Tel : 6299 3688
Haising Hotel Pte Ltd
37 Jln Besar Tel : 6298 1223
Harbour Ville Hotel
512 Kg Bahru Rd Tel : 6271 2771
Hilton Singapore
581 Orchard Road Singapore 238883 Tel : 6737 2233
Holiday Inn Atrium Singapore
317 Outram Rd Concorde Hotel Singapore Tel : 6733 0188
Holiday Inn Park View Singapore
11 Cavenagh Rd Tel : 6733 8333
Hoover Hotel Pte Ltd
246 Balestier Rd Tel : 6354 4435
Hotel 1929 Pte Ltd
50 Keong Saik Rd Tel : 6347 1929
Hotel 81-Joo Chiat
305 Joo Chiat Rd Tel : 6348 8181
Hotel 81-Opera
238 Joo Chiat Rd Tel : 6344 8181
Hotel 81-Orchid
21 Lor 8 Geylang Tel : 6846 8181
Hotel 81-Princess
21 Lor 12 Geylang Tel : 6842 8181
Hotel 81-Star
31 Lor 18 Geylang Tel : 6748 8181
Hotel 88 International Pte Ltd
12 Lor 10 Geylang Tel : 6842 0188
Hotel Ascendere
1 Lor 10 Geylang Tel : 6841 1211
Hotel Asia Pte Ltd
37 Scotts Rd Tel : 6737 8388
Hotel Bencoolen Co (Pte) Ltd
47 Bencoolen St Tel : 6336 0822
Hotel Compass Pte Ltd
36 Lor 22 Geylang Tel : 6744 7655
Hotel Fuji
22 Jln Molek Tel : 6841 4466
Hotel Grand Central Ltd
22 Cavengah Rd Tel : 6737 9944
Hotel Grand Plaza Parkroyal
10 Coleman St Tel : 6336 8489
Hotel Hamilton
42 Hamilton Rd Tel : 6296 2296
Hotel Happy Star
31 Lor 8 Geylang Tel : 6741 0055
Hotel Meridien Changi-Singapore
1 Netheravon Road Singapore 508502 Tel : 6548 8000
Hotel Miramar (S) Ltd
401 Havelock Rd Tel : 6733 0222
Hotel Negara Ltd
10 Claymore Rd Tel : 6737 0811
Hotel Phoenix Singapore (Pte) Ltd
277 Orchard Rd #01-00 Tel : 6737 8666
Hotel Rendezvous Pte Ltd
9 Bras Basah Road Singapore 189559 Tel : 6335 1880
Hotel Royal Ltd
36 Newton Rd Tel : 6253 4411
Hotel Supreme Pte Ltd
15 Kramat Rd Hotel Supreme Tel : 6737 8333
Hotel Windsor
401 MacPherson Rd #01-00 Tel : 6343 0088
Hua Shui Hotel
5 Lor 27 Geylang Tel : 6745 3650 Singapore
Intercontinental Singapore
80 Middle Road Tel : 6338 7600
Jade Hotel
18 Jln Molek #01-00 Tel : 6741 5511
Kam Leng Hotel
383A Jln Besar Tel : 6298 2289
Kerbau Hotel
54 Kerbau Rd Tel : 6297 6668
Kerbau Inn-Serangoon
54 Kerbau Rd Tel : 6291 2291
Kim Sun Hotel
40 Amber Rd Tel : 6345 7502
Kim Tian Hotel Pte Ltd
21 Lor 22 Geylang #01-00 Tel : 6842 2288
Lai Ming Hotel
432 Geylang Rd Tel : 6744 2038
Lai Ming Hotel Cosmoland
424 Geylang Rd Tel : 6744 9095
Le Charming Hotel Pte Ltd
29 Lor 4 Geylang Tel : 6745 5995
Le Meridien Hotel Singapore
100 Orchard Rd Tel : 6733 8855
Lex Hotel
1 Lor 8 Geylang Tel : 6745 2234
Lion City Hotel (Pte) Ltd
15 Tg Katong Rd Tel : 6744 8111
Little India Guest House
3 Veerasamy Rd Tel : 6294 2866
Lloyd's Inn Pte Ltd
2 Lloyd Rd Lloyd's Inn Tel : 6737 7309
M Hotel Singapore
81 Anson Road Singapore 079908 Tel : 6224 1133
Madras Hotel Pte Ltd
28 Madras St Tel : 6392 7889
Majestic Hotel Pte Ltd
31 Bt Pasoh Rd Tel : 6222 3377
Malacca Hotel
97/99 Still Rd Tel : 6345 7411
Marina Mandarin
6 Raffles Boulevard Tel : 6338 3388
Meritus Mandarin Singapore
333 Orchard Road Singapore 238867 Tel : 6235 8588
Meritus Negara Singapore
10 Claymore Rd Tel : 6736 0248
Metropole Hotel Pte Ltd
41 Seah St Tel : 6336 3611
Min Wah Hotel
19 Lor 22 Geylang Tel : 6745 2219
Mitre Hotel
145 Killiney Rd Tel : 6737 3811
Mount Emily Hotel
10A Up Wilkie Rd Tel : 6338 9151
New Cathay Hotel Pte Ltd
443A Geylang Rd Tel : 6745 0588
New Kerbau Inn Pte Ltd
22 Belilios Lane Tel : 6396 5500 Expats
New Park Hotel (1989) Pte Ltd
181 Kitchener Rd Tel : 6291 5533
Novotel Apollo Singapore
405 Havelock Rd Tel : 6733 2081
Novotel Clarke Quay Singapore
177A River Valley Rd Singapore 179031 Tel : 6338 3333
Ocean Hotel
5 Lor 6 Geylang #01-00 Tel : 6748 8166
Orchard Parade Hotel
1 Tanglin Rd Tel : 6737 1133
Oriental Singapore The
5 Raffles Ave #01-00 Marina Sq Tel : 6338 0066
Oxford Hotel Pte Ltd
218 Queen St Tel : 6332 2222
Oxley Hotel
44 Lor 6 Geylang #01-00 Tel : 6844 6633
Pan Pacific Hotel Singapore The
7 Raffles Boulevard Tel : 6336 8111
Paramount Hotel
25 Marine Parade Rd Singapore 449536 Tel : 6447 2654
Park View Hotel Pte Ltd
81 Beach Rd Tel : 6338 8558
Pasir Panjang Inn Pte Ltd
404 Pasir Panjang Rd Tel : 6778 8511
Peninsula Excelsior Hotel
5 Coleman St Tel : 6337 2200
Penta Hotel Pte Ltd
33 Birch Rd Tel : 6299 6311
Perak Lodge Hospitality Pte Ltd
12 Perak Rd Tel : 6299 7733
Princeton Hotel Pte Ltd
15 Lor 15 Geylang Tel : 6745 1515
Quality Hotel Singapore
201 Balestier Rd Tel : 6355 9988
Queen's City Hotel
10 Lor 18 Geylang Tel : 6743 9282
Raffles Hotel (1886) Ltd
1 Beach Rd Tel : 6337 1886
Raffles The Plaza, Singapore
2 Stamford Rd Singapore 178882 Tel : 6339 7777
Regent Singapore The
1 Cuscaden Rd Tel : 6733 8888
Regin Hotel
54/56 Sims Ave Tel : 6747 2811
River View Hotel
382 Havelock Rd Tel : 6732 9922
Robertson Quay Hotel
15 Merbau Rd Tel : 6735 3333
Royal Plaza
25 Scotts Rd Scottswalk Tel : 6737 7966
Sea View Hotel Ltd
26 Amber Cl Tel : 6345 2222
Seng Wah Hotel
15 Lor 22 Geylang Tel : 6749 2769
Shangri-La Hotel Ltd
22 Orange Grove Rd #02-00 Tel : 6737 3644
Sheraton Towers Singapore Hotel
39 Scotts Rd Tel : 6737 6888
Sing Hoe Hotel
759 Mountbatten Rd Tel : 6440 0602
Singapore Marriott Hotel
320 Orchard Rd Tel : 6735 8967
Sloane Court Hotel Pte Ltd
17 Balmoral Rd Tel : 6235 3311
Song Tat Boarding House
246 Tembeling Rd Tel : 6348 2468
Soo Chew Hotel
67 Mergui Rd Tel : 6299 3972
South East Asia Hotel (Pte) Ltd
190 Waterloo St Tel : 6338 2394
Strand Hotel Pte Ltd
25 Bencoolen St #01-00 Tel : 6338 1866
Super Star Hotel
75 Desker Rd Tel : 6296 2822
Swissotel Merchant Court Singapore
20 Merchant Rd Tel : 6337 2288
Swissôtel The Stamford, Singapore
2 Stamford Road Singapore 178882 Tel : 6338 8585
Taipei Hotel
60 Lor 8 Geylang Tel : 6741 4349
The City Bayview Hotel Singapore
30 Bencoolen St Tel : 6337 2882
The Gallery Hotel Pte Ltd
76 Robertson Quay #03-00 Tel : 6849 8686
The Inn At Temple Street
36 Temple St Tel : 6221 5333
The Keong Saik Hotel Pte Ltd
69 Keong Saik Rd Tel : 6224 0660
The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore
7 Raffles Ave Tel : 6337 8888
The Royal Peacock Pte Ltd
55 Keong Saik Rd Tel : 6223 3522
The Sha Villa
64 Lloyd Rd Tel : 6734 7117
Traders Hotel Singapore
1A Cuscaden Rd Tel : 6738 2222
Tristar Inn Singapore
970 Geylang Rd #01-01 Tel : 6440 6696
Tropical Hotel Pte Ltd
22 Teck Lim Rd Tel : 6225 6696
V I P Hotel
5 Balmoral Cres VIP Hotel Tel : 6235 4277
Victoria Hotel (Pte) Ltd
87 Victoria St Victoria Hotel Tel : 6622 0909
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Re: Music

I put that on and my wife asked (from the next room) if I was feeling ok. Nuff said.

The Offspring - "Self Esteem"

Re: WORK Permit

Strong Eagle:
How long was she working for her employer before she tendered her resignation?

33 M from Hong Kong Looking for new friends

Hello, it's my 3rd month here in SG and I just feel that it's really time for me to make some new friends after settling in well. So far, I'm very lucky to have a bunch of very good colleagues and team members, but I do really wanna make some new friends outside work.

I'm a very easy going person with a good sense of humour so some good conversations and good laughs are guaranteed. I got some international living experience as I stayed in the U.K for several years and a bit in Italy and Australia before returning to Hong Kong for good. So, I'm very open to know more about your culture

I love traveling and I've got something planned to explore those exciting places nearby. Esp those rural islands in Malaysia and Indonesia. So far, I've been to more than 50 countries and 150 cities around the world. Also, like most of the others, I love music and movie but my taste is quite diverse. From canton pop, brit pop, Japanese to jazz, opera and classical etc. Love brit pop the most esp the indie bands.

If you are also looking for new friends to meet up for coffee, meals or movies, please get in touch!!

WORK Permit

hi guys,

Need your help here! One of my friend is holding WP and she is already tender her resignation letter in a proper way which is served notice for 1 month. But when comes to her last day of work, her employer refused to cancel her WP pass and insist her to cont' work with them. :mad:

My friend already get everything prepared and need to go back her country but due to her employer refused to cancel her WP pass, now she is still holding WP pass .

During her absent ( her employer rather called it as long holiday),the employer still will pay for the levy fee and hope that she will come back like 2 or 3 months later.

She is planing back to singapore in future for a new job.Need your advise on this, how exactly my friend can cancel her WP without being blacklist or slander by her employer? Can she report to MOM regards this? will it affect her next job? Many thanks!


Re: Re enter Singapore with Criminal Record?

I feel you bro, my case peeping tom. On my deportion list it stated minimum 1 year and maximum won't exceed 3 years, well I still unable to get myself got that strength to write the letter for appeal, was thinking of waiting for a year which soon (a month more?) Should I wait till 18months? My spouse also from SG I wonder can at least appeal so I can do a transit from Singapore (Via budget airline) else troublesome that I can't even make sure that my checked in luggage can reach my destination when I want to transit at Singapore

Re: Singapore Elections and Immigration Policy Changes

not going to get any better regardless of who wins

Re: My Korean for Your Mandarin

HI, I can teach you . PM me. thanks

Re: Music


Re: General Election - Coming Soon - 11th September


just my 2 cents

Take the example of Chinese car makers who cloned some popular brands. The original brand owners screamed blood, and then the Chinese offered the original brand owners exclusive rights to supply the engines, an area the Chinese are weak - effectively making a JV with the brand owners- most brand owners decided to agree, because of China's buying power of 2 billion

Rather do business with the devil, and make some money in the process, than make the devil more angry and lose out- seems to be the new attitude of the Western and Japanese companies who have seen their ideas and IP stolen.

Now back to Singapore, just wondering, why would most MNCs take a similar approach, if Singapore decides to dictate new terms ? Just thinking aloud

Take Ship building and repair- almost all builders, including Singapore owned ones, have progressively moved even the repair facilities to other countries, countries where labour is cheap, and quality has improved a lot as well. Put some pressure on them, they will promptly bye-bye- to Singapore

And as I said before, the competition hasn't been sleeping. Like the example of Malaysia- from a country that made dependent passes a pain years ago, forget about Work Passes, go with a good and decent business plan with enough investment money, you can get extremely special privileges, with the MM2H quietly slipped, making Malaysia a good place to run a business, have a family, and worry about nothing.

I know a few MNCs, who's staff are all on some form of MM2H, they even have their in laws on long term pass, and the family children are all happy and comfortable, no complaints of foreigner enclaves, or anti foreigner bashes- and in fact, they seem more than welcome to have their own do's unlike here .. same guys who were crying when their mother and father couldn't get LTVP here in SG.

The annoying Malaysian Bureaucracy is only for those who walk in with a few hundred thousand $. Walk in with a few million $ investment, Malaysia is a heaven

Even The extreme foreign investor unfriendly Philippines has been evaluating ideas to remove or reduce the restrictions placed on Foreigners, even at the risk of pissing off the entrenched oligarchs, to protect whom most of the foreign investor laws were enacted.

apologies, i did not make myself clear. what Sg populace asks vocaly is high-paid jobs. what the mncs are saying is "you're not fit for these jobs (even if you have the right academic paper in your pocket)". you (as govt) cannot directly interfere with a company's HR development plans. you can't tell the HR department "you must promote or hire sg citizens for this position". the reason is that you can't force any entity to do what you want with that entity's money. you can regulate PRs (the reason why my company loses experienced people to aussieland) WPs, etc. but these punish the companies, not force them to hire your locals. if you want to have a say in a company's HR policy, you must own a fair share. thus, the idea of allowing foreign companies ONLY as JVs with temasek, or hell knows what. this was my point.

why do you think a-star exists? part of the plan was to JOINTLY develop IP with private companies, therefore make a bridgehead into the private sector's business. it did not work, as ALL the companies bar the very small rejected the trade.

instead of building their own, Sg tries hard to infiltrate the others ...

Our French against your English


My wife and I are interested in exchanging our French against your English.

I am a 32-year old guy and work at Raffles Place. I can meet at lunch time in the CBD.

My wife is mainly on the East Coast (near Katong) during weekdays and has a flexible schedule.

Please let us know if you are interested.

Thanks and regards,

Noemie and Jean-Etienne

Re: Any idea of PR rejection for my case?

I don think tax is the problem because some of my colleagues, they work here for 6 months and start applying, and most of them get acceptance. The only difference btw me and them is that they are single whereas I include all my family members.
I am thinking whether should apply for 3rd time.

Re: Want to join a cricket team


I would like to play cricket. Please let me know, if I can join any team.



Re: Is it legal for Saxo to requote price many times higher and


However, Saxo Bank does not have a policy of how to handle this conflicts of interest.

The tail-end of your post came up again as I posted mine, and so I read again your last point above.

I cannot see the problem that you apparently can within the above. Perhaps you can elaborate by telling me where the conflict of interest is with the following situation:

You believe the price of gold will rise, and you wish to buy some. You go to a jeweller and buy an ounce. The jeweller himself is of the opinion the price will drop: Should he not be allowed to sell you gold? Should he have a policy re: how to deal with this 'conflict of interest'? I'm struggling to see any difference.

Re: Any idea of PR rejection for my case?

Dear all
I am currently 31 yo, Malaysian Chinese male work as doctor in a private medical group in Singapore, salary more than 11.5k per month (excluding OT).
My wife 29 yo, Malaysian Chinese female work as food technologist, salary around 3k
we Both work since May 2013
We applied PR for 2 times in May 2014 and Apr 2015 respectively, both being rejected
first application, I did not include my son for the application
2nd application, I include all my kids (1 son and 2 daughter) into the application yet rejected. (I received my rejection today- 1/9/15)
Any idea for my rejection? Is it because my first application I did not include my son in?
the rejection letter doesn't write anything when I can apply again? So will it be successful if I apply again?
How long should I wait to apply again?

Any opinion?

They could think you were trying to play games with them first time around.

Also should have 3 tax returns unless coming via the school route by the look of things.

Re: Is it legal for Saxo to requote price many times higher and

These are the TandCs you knowingly signed up to, correct?

Nothing in it strikes me as unusual. Take for example that small retail clients pay wider spreads than larger clients. There's nothing mysterious about this; the same applies to the guy who goes down to 'Change Alley' and changes S$1k to US$, versus the guy changing S$50k. The quote indicator board even shows the better rates that larger sizes can expect to achieve.

Keep in mind a quote indication is just that, it is not binding on the money-changer to deal with you at that price. You might be able to negotiate a better one. Or you might get a worse one (in aggregate) if trading in size, and the M-C has to go and buy-in some of the currency he needs, at a similarly worse rate.

If I remember the case correctly (this was a trade vs the Swiss Peg that subsequently broke?), any case would seem to hinge on whether the original fill-prices given by Saxo were and are legally binding. Begin by answering that. Which clause in the TandCs relates to that, if any? Meanwhile the rest, on a brief read, would seem to be something of a distraction (example: your flawed reverse assumption re: 16.9). If I were impacted by this matter, my first step would be to fully understand the extent to which a reported fill, has to be honoured at that price. My gut feel, and it is only that, is that Saxo, and all other such brokers, retain a right to amend indicated fill prices under certain market conditions.

If this is the Swiss-peg debacle, IIRC it was going to a class-action suit. Do the lawyers have a black and white bullet-proof smoking gun, and if so what is it? Something an average man on the street could look at and immediately conclude 'Yes, this is clearly wrong!'? If not, like I suggested before, I fear this might simply be class-action lawyers whipping up a storm to carry out a fee earning exercise.