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Singapore Expats comprehensive list of hotels in Singapore. Providing your business needs or leisure in Singapore.

Many hotels offer an array of dining experiences and also facilities like concierge service, gymnasium, swimming pool, car park, security or even tennis courts. Please contact us to add to this list or have a more detailed listing for your hotel.

Listings of hotels in Singapore.
Hotels - Address and Telephone

Albert Court Hotel
180 Albert Street
Tel : 6339 3939
Allson Hotel Singapore
101 Victoria St #02-00
Tel : 6336 0811
Amara Singapore
165 Tg Pagar Road
Tel : 6879 2555
Carlton Hotel (S) Pte Ltd
76 Bras Basah Road #01-00
Tel : 6338 8333
Conrad Centennial Singapore
2 Temasek Boulevard
Tel : 6334 8888
Concorde Hotel
100 Orchard Road
Tel: 6733 8855 
Copthorne King's Hotel
403 Havelock Rd
Tel : 6733 0012
Copthorne Orchid Hotel Singapore Pte Ltd
214 Dunearn Road
Tel : 6250 5122
Four Seasons Hotel Singapore
190 Orchard Boulevard
Tel : 6734 1110
Fort Canning Lodge
6 Fort Canning Road
Tel : 6338 4222
Fullerton Hotel The
1 Fullerton Square
Tel : 6733 8388
Furama Hotel Singapore Pte Ltd
60 Eu Tong Sen Street #03-00
Tel : 6533 3888
Garden Hotel
14 Balmoral Road
Tel : 6235 3344
Goodwood Park Hotel Ltd
22 Scotts Road
Tel : 6737 7411
Grand Hyatt Singapore
10 Scotts Road
Tel : 6738 1234
Grand Park Orchard
270 Orchard Road
Tel : 6603 8888
Hilton Singapore
581 Orchard Road
Tel : 6737 2233
Holiday Inn Atrium Singapore
317 Outram Road
Tel : 6733 0188
Holiday Inn Park View Singapore
11 Cavenagh Road
Tel : 6733 8333
Hotel Asia Pte Ltd
37 Scotts Road
Tel : 6737 8388
Hotel Jen
1A Cuscaden Road
Tel : 6738 2222
Hotel Meridien Changi-Singapore
1 Netheravon Road
Tel : 6548 8000
Hotel Miramar (S) Ltd
401 Havelock Road
Tel : 6733 0222
Hotel Negara Ltd
10 Claymore Rd
Tel : 6737 0811
Hotel Phoenix Singapore (Pte) Ltd
277 Orchard Road #01-00
Tel : 6737 8666
Hotel Rendezvous Pte Ltd
9 Bras Basah Road
Tel : 6335 1880
Hotel Royal Ltd
36 Newton Road
Tel : 6253 4411
Hotel Supreme Singapore
15 Kramat Road
Tel : 6737 8333
Hua Shui Hotel
5 Lor 27 Geylang
Tel : 6745 3650
11 Penang Lane
Tel : 6327 2727
Intercontinental Singapore
80 Middle Road
Tel : 6338 7600
Le Meridien Hotel Singapore
100 Orchard Road
Tel : 6733 8855
M Hotel Singapore
81 Anson Road
Tel : 6224 1133
Marina Mandarin
6 Raffles Boulevard
Tel : 6338 3388
Marriott Singapore
320 Orchard Road
Tel : 6735 5800
Meritus Mandarin Singapore
333 Orchard Road
Tel : 6235 8588
Meritus Negara Singapore
10 Claymore Road
Tel : 6736 0248
Metropole Hotel Pte Ltd
41 Seah Street
Tel : 6336 3611
Mount Emily Hotel
10A Up Wilkie Road
Tel : 6338 9151
Novotel Apollo Singapore
405 Havelock Road
Tel : 6733 2081
Novotel Clarke Quay Singapore
177A River Valley Road
Tel : 6338 3333
Orchard Grand Court
131 Killiney Road
Tel : 6733 1133
Orchard Hotel
442 Orchard Road
Tel : 6734 7766
Orchard Parade Hotel
1 Tanglin Road
Tel : 6737 1133
The Oriental Singapore
5 Raffles Avenue #01-00 Marina Square
Tel : 6338 0066
Pan Pacific Hotel Singapore The
7 Raffles Boulevard
Tel : 6336 8111
Pan Pacific Orchard Hotel
10 Claymore Road
Tel : 6737 0811
Paramount Hotel
25 Marine Parade Road
Tel : 6447 2654
Park View Hotel Pte Ltd
81 Beach Road
Tel : 6338 8558
Peninsula Excelsior Hotel
5 Coleman Street
Tel : 6337 2200
Quincy Hotel
22 Mount Elizabeth
Tel : 6738 5888
Raffles Hotel (1886) Ltd
1 Beach Road
Tel : 6337 1886
Raffles The Plaza, Singapore
2 Stamford Road
Tel : 6339 7777
Regent Singapore The
1 Cuscaden Road
Tel : 6733 8888
River View Hotel
382 Havelock Road
Tel : 6732 9922
Robertson Quay Hotel
15 Merbau Road Tel : 6735 3333
Royal Plaza
25 Scotts Road Scottswalk
Tel : 6737 7966
Shangri-La Hotel Ltd
22 Orange Grove Road #02-00
Tel : 6737 3644
Sheraton Towers Singapore Hotel
39 Scotts Road
Tel : 6737 6888
Singapore Marriott Hotel
320 Orchard Road
Tel : 6735 8967
Swissotel Merchant Court Singapore
20 Merchant Road
Tel : 6337 2288
Swissôtel The Stamford, Singapore
2 Stamford Road
Tel : 6338 8585
The Elizabeth Hotel
24 Mount Elizabeth
Tel : 6738 1188
The Gallery Hotel Pte Ltd
76 Robertson Quay #03-00
Tel : 6849 8686
The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore
7 Raffles Ave
Tel : 6337 8888
York Hotel
21 Mount Elizabeth
Tel : 6737 0511

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Many would appreciate hearing about this new, global work permit. That'd be tremendous.

Re: My English / Mandarin for your French

I studied French for so many years I am Argentinian (Spanish native), I think I can help you improve your vocabulary, accent and conversation, I am studying mandarin and I really would love to get some conversation going, you can contact me at 81719954, or,
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Re: Anyone PR is Approved this month (April 2016)

Hi all,

my current EP Pass expired on this month 18/05/2016.
my employer applied my renewal EP application on 24/03/2016.
my EP application status still pending. show "putting Vetting Agency". My employer gets to me extension 1 month from MOM. now i am holding Temporary Working Pass. and my family got Visiting pass till 16/06/2016.

i applied PR Application on Jun 2015 with family. PR Status shows " Pending". almost finished 11 month.

My Question is ... should i update to ICA my current status of Temporary Working Pass?...

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I could do with a nice cold Anchor, its a nice beer

How to become a tutor?

I am British, living in Singapore with my husband with a Dependant's Pass. I am supply teaching at the moment but finding I cannot get enough work as can now only work in one school with the new government rules in place only allowing one Letter of Consent. I'm looking into Tutoring (I have a PGCE in Geography to teach up to A Level and could tutor any subject primary and lower secondary science/maths/english plus Geography up to A Level).

I was just wondering if anyone knew how to become a tutor as an expat on a dependants pass? What I could expect to make? I think I have to set myself up as having my own business but am not 100 percent sure and a lot of the guidance online assumes Singaporean PR. Unfortunately it looks like I can't supply teach and tutor at the same time due to government regulation.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you

Singapore Liposuction Reviews/Recommendation

Hi all , I've been browsing this forum for a longtime and I know most people had their lipo done in either bkk or Medan .

However my partner is very extremely against travelling to such places .

Any one has any success in lipo in singapore ?? Would be good to share with me .

I have googled the old threads , some people mentioned Amaris b? I just can't find any solid reviews like those in Medan where so many girls have posted their before and after etc

I'm a female with small upper body but huge thighs despite strict workouts etc
.. ;(

Advice needed for short term rental

Hey guys, I am a Singapore PR and have lived in Singapore for about 10 years. I've lived in my current apartment for the past 4 years (went through 3 lease renewals as I signed a 1-year lease each time) and understand TAs and renewals fairly well for a standard 1 or 2 years lease. I've recently been married and my husband is moving to Singapore to live with me. He will be on an LTVP and won't be working in Singapore (his industry/nature of employment does not require him to apply for an EP or work-visa in any country per se). We are now looking to move to a new apartment and start a new lease in July. For the first time in many years, I am not sure how much longer I'll be in Singapore for. It could well be another 2 years/5 years/10 years but it could also just be 6 months.

What are my options for going into a new TA given the following scenario -
1. We are willing to commit to a 2-year lease IF we are in Singapore but we need the flexibility to move out earlier (not earlier than 6 months) if we were to leave Singapore for a few years.
2. I am not sure if a standard diplomatic clause would work because those are dependent on your employer transferring you to another country or you surrendering your EP. We may decide to move out of Singapore even if it's not with my employer - it could be for a short break to travel or work in another country. Also, I am a PR so there's no way for me to prove that my EP/visa has been cancelled here.

What are our options?
1. Is it common for LLs to agree to a 6-month lease with a rolling monthly renewal thereafter?
2. If not, is it possible for us to get an early termination clause (akin to a diplomatic clause) that does not depend solely on employer-driven transfers but can include the option for us to leave Singapore at will. Any clause template examples that you can share? If we were to leave singapore, I would have either an employment transfer letter or a resignation/employment termination letter as evidence.

We are just exploring our options/rights right now so that we know what to ask for when we start apartment hunting. We are pretty clear - we will like to stay in the same apartment for a minimum of 2 years if we continue to be in Singapore and nothing changes on that front. Since we are setting up a home together for the first time, we are actually quite excited about doing it up as if we were to live here for good and won't want to terminate the lease for any other reason but leaving Singapore. It's very likely that we won't move at all and everything can go on smoothly but, for once, I want to cover all possibilities as my husband and I are discussing several major life decisions (e.g. going to business school, taking a break and traveling abroad, etc.) and I don't want a TA to be the reason why we aren't able to pursue those dreams.

How do you suggest we proceed? Any experience on getting a short-term rental or early termination clause that's more flexible than a usual diplomatic clause? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks a lot!

Re: Music

First heard of this band tonight. It's a current band from the UK.
To me it's like very early 70's Sabbath (Ozzy etc), with a good dose of a psychedelic vibe. Quite intense in parts. I've just switched it on and into the first 3-4 tracks so far. Seems the band are doing well too, touring euro-festivals etc. ... _Deadbeats
'Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats'

11mins in, the sound has switched to more modern.... wonder how this will pan out :).... nice gittar, nice tight sound...

Re: Climbing, bouldering - regionally

That's great to hear. I've always enjoyed climbing.

Re: Skype alternatives and overseas communications

check out go to meeting, its quite a good and free collaboration tool, it goes above VOIP calling, however certain features may require subscription.

check it here :

I'd agree with this. Had good success with Gotomeeting.

Re: ishonest seller Carousell(Maxigo)

Hi there tootster,

I am trying to reach you as I need to talk to you about this carouseller seller. I tried to send you a PM but I think you set it as no PM so can you uncheck that so that I can contact you thru PM?


East Bay Condominium - Living in Bedok/ECP

Hello Guys,
It seems I have found something suitable in East Bay Condominium.

Very big flat, as I like, close to parks/beaches and eateries and still not that far from CBD (30-40 minutes direct bus. I know that for Singapore this is a long commute time but in Europe this is nothing!)

Do you know the condo?
How about the area?
Looks very nice, a lot of locals, and still not far from the MRT (4-7 minutes bus - 10/15 minutes walk).

Any suggestions?


Re: 8 tips to stave off the tropical heat in Singapore

But make mine Sol, Corona, Hineken or even Anchor!

Re: Anyone PR is Approved this month (April 2016)

Wasn't point specifically at you dynoto, but all the posters in general (kchaing made a big deal out of it in the beginning of the thread. ;-)

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Strong Eagle:
You left out an ice cold big Tiger Beer at your local hawker center!